We thought the rumor with Aimee was gonna be something, but no I don't think it'll last 'cause already we have something new to talk about. The May drama!! In today's news, we find out that Moses will no longer take part in the drama 'cause he has to go to Malaysia to work on his coffee shop. Miss Lok told reporters that Moses was going to work on the coffee shop during his 2 months break from filming, but he wasn't able to get hold of the property on time and now that he has it he needs to go back to Malaysia, thus not being able to take part in the drama. Supposedly, Moses told TVB execs and producer Nelson Cheung in the beginning of March. Funny thing is, wasn't my last Blog entry (4) after the supposed date?? But whatever, the point is I'm happy that Moses gets to work on his dream and he finally puts TVB aside to do something he likes. After continuously filming for the past few years I think he deserves the time off.

P.S. Producer Nelson, please get over it. It's not like Moses owes you anything. If he owed anything to anyone in TVB it would be Tsang姐, producer SiuChing姐, producer 阿Chik, and producer KaHo哥. Lemme stop before I start hurting feelings. But to be honest, I do see that it is Moses' fault for messing up the flow.

P.P.S. The chance to work with Bobby and Linda...GONE! :'(


  1. wow i totally agree with just everything you said here. i am so happy for moses too for finally being able to step up to tvb b/c we all know he has been an obedient boy to them like all the other managed artists.

    i read some articles regarding what the producer said, i understand why he can be upset but i do not agree with the things he says. i dont like how just b/c he doesnt care about coffee thinks moses is giving him a lame excuse. and yeah if it so easy to replace him and its not like u cant function without him then why are you saying all this crap about him? plus, just cz u might not want to offer him anymore series in the future im sure other producers like Chick will cz they love him! plz don't make it sound like moses is being stupid and making the wrong choice by turning u down and that ppl will give him less chances!

    and yeah they only thing i was disappointed about him not filming this was him not being able to work with the co-stars.

    haha wow i didnt expect to rant so much...sorry

  2. oh and plus i felt that moses dealt with the whole situation as professionally as possible. clearly he didnt know that the coffee shop will face problems that caused so much delay. he went up to the producer to apologize and offered an alternative...sigh i kno its not the best thing to happen but its the best way he could have handled it

  3. As much as I wish to see Mo colaborating with Bobby, I am happy he can do what he love best. Hope I can go to his new shop.

  4. jwjksng: I too agree with why the guy's upset, but seriously he does not know Moses well enough to say what he's said. EVERYONE knows that Moses loves coffee to death. Moses will probably go into major depression if the world suddenly ran out of coffee. And Moses has been working on this coffee shop way longer than this dude has worked on this upcoming drama. I'm trying not to be bias, but the guy totally stepped over the line saying Moses gave him a lame excuse. The reason why I like Moses sticking to some producers is 'cause they were the first to give him a chance and they've continuously showed him love all these years.
    I think Moses was very professional in this situation. If he would've knew earlier I bet he won't have taken his offer in the first place. It's not like Moses wanted sh!t to happen, especially not when it comes to his dream...his baby.

    jenny: Oh my Moses!!!!! You totally can! So so jealous! :D