These entries on Moses have become very fun :D Another one to update everyone on Mr. Moses. On the 10th, Moses went to Vietnam--already starting his Coffee Confidential 2 filming??? He did mention he would be going to Vietnam for CC2, but I always thought he would start filming in April. Whatever it is we should be very excited that CC2 is going as planned. And most importantly, I hope he is safe and sound when traveling around the world 'cause there's just too many natural disasters these days :')
So just 3 days ago Appledaily reported that Sheren was supposed to be in the May costume drama with Moses, but decided to film in Mainland China instead so she will no longer take part. Producer of the drama, Nelson Cheung (Dicey Business, War of In-Laws II, D.I.E., etc.), told Appledaily that the drama which was supposed to be about prostitutes, will now be on another subject matter and the cast also consists of Bobby, Myolie and Linda. This is the first time Moses will be working with Nelson so that should make it quite fresh already. On Nelson's work, I liked Benz's story in Dicey Business. I hope this upcoming drama will be something like that. All I want to say is I hope it's not about fighting over inheritance hahaha! :P And last time I was already excited about Moses being able to work with Bobby, now I'm ecstatic that Linda is also in this. Please be true!! Moses and Linda have amazing chemistry in my opinion. Just a few days ago before the news came out I rewatched Moses and Linda in Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008, they are so freakin' cute there. If they're not going to be paired up this time, I hope they'll at least get a lot of screen time together. But with the current cast I can't see Bobby being paired with Linda lol so maybe I'll just get Moses + Linda unless there's an even bigger Fadan who steps in and then maybe Moses will be with Myolie. More questions and more waiting. Please someone give us more information soon. One piece of information once a week until the day of costume fitting would be perfect hehehe but that would be asking for too much won't it? :) So now what do we do? Like usual wait till his next public function. Reporters please ask about this drama!


  1. weird i posted a comment earlier but it doesnt seem like it got posted...so Mare please just delete this if this is a duplicate

    anyways this is about what i said:

    i really love these entries that you make...

    and which clip of Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 are you refering to? can u share a link cuz i cant really remember their interaction unless you're talking about when they did promo for HOG and went to someones house where moses fed linda some fruit....

    oh and do you kno when yes sir no sir! is airing..i heard in april after a fistful of stance but now im also hearing that men with no shadow is airing then...idk which rumor to believe, theres no way tvb will air both at the same time since both is modern and tavia is female lead for both

  2. :( No, the first one didn't show up so I'm so happy you reposted! :D
    Yay! Then I should do more of these, but of course not too often haha.

    During the Astro Wah Lai Toi Drama Awards 2008 they sat next to each other. It was when Moses won for Duk Duk Dei. Here's the link to the full award show: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/k-6J_cdB0pU/ Oh shoot! I love that clip with the fruit! And don't forget the time Moses played the piano and Linda sang. I gotta rewatch all of these now.

    Hmmm, not 100% sure, but I think it's April 18...well I hope it's April 18. Haven't seen Moses on an everyday basis for way toooo long. But of course we should not get too excited 'cause it might just turn out to be false info...But I have a good feeling about this one :)

  3. Oh wait, I forget to say that the cute interaction happened during the Miss ASTRO International 2008 segment so you can just skip to that part if you like :D

  4. oh thanks for the link...i dont think i ever actually saw the whole show..just the parts when moses got the award i think...