Name: 陳豪 (Chan Ho)
English Name: Moses
Nickname: Mo
Birth date: April 16, 1971
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Horoscope: Aries
Height: 6ft/185cm
Birth place: Hong Kong
Ancestry: Taishan, Guangdong
Nationality: Australian
Languages: Cantonese, English, Mandarin
Family: Father (deceased), Mother, 2 older brothers (Mike and Daniel)
Spouse: Aimee Chan (m. Jun 11, 2013)
Children: Aiden Joshua Chan 陳梓燁 (b. Dec 4, 2013), Nathan Lucas Chan 陳浩鋒 (b. Feb 26, 2015)
Education: College (~1-2 years); Major: Accounting
Profession before acting: Model

Fun Facts:

• Chose the name Moses before moving to Australia. Chose the name because he liked the religious figure, Moses.
• His nickname, Mo, was first used by Ada Choi when filming Where the Legend Begins. She thought the "-ses" in his name was difficult to pronounce so decided to just call him Mo.
• Favorite Beverage: Coffee
• Taught himself to play the piano and guitar. On the piano, he can only play "Somewhere in Time" by John Barry and 《漣漪》 by Danny Chan. He likes to play classical music on the guitar.
• Can rotate his tongue 360 degrees and can wiggle his ears.
• Father was an anesthesiologist. He passed away from a stroke when Moses was in his early teens. Mother was a nurse who became a doctor in Traditional Chinese medicine (中醫). She and her sons immigrated to Australia where she taught Traditional Chinese medicine. She is now retired and resides in Australia, but often visits Moses in Hong Kong.
• First kiss was on a public bus.
• In his younger years, his favorite pastime was surfing.
• Favorite Sport: Tennis
• A polyp/nodule formed in his throat (vocal cord) in his teens after having bronchitis(?), which caused him to have a very raspy voice. He had the raspy voice when filming many movies. He removed the polyp/nodule after being told by Catherine Tsang (珍姐) to change his image before joining TVB. The surgery was done around the time he filmed God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage.
• Joined TVB in 2000.
• Loves to draw. He wanted to major in art in college, but his portfolio was rejected.
• Has shares in a dessert shop, "Auntie Sweet" (甜姨姨), with TV producer Jonathan Chik Ki Yee (阿Chik) and a friend who's not in the entertainment business.
• His first book about local Hong Kong cafes, 《給咖啡偷一杯時間‧My Coffee Guide》, was released in 2009. The follow up book also about local Hong Kong cafes, 《品味.咖啡 My Coffee Guide 2013》, was released on 3/18/2013.
• In 2011, he and a partner opened a cafe in Malaysia called "Coffee Concept," but unfortunately it closed in 2012. He is currently planning to open a cafe in Hong Kong. His original plan to open a cafe at the end of 2013 was pushed back because he and Aimee were expecting a baby (Aiden).
• Favorite foods include Japanese cuisine, French cuisine, and steak.
• Made his acting debut in 1994 in the Category III movie Twenty Something.
• He was an "intensive heavy smoker" in his teens. His cigarette of choice was "Camel." He quit after 1-2 years.
Aimee announced their marriage on Weibo on 6/12/2013. They met when filming Master of Play in 2010. They started dating in the summer of 2011. They publicized their relationship on 9/29/2011. Their wedding ceremony was on 6/11/2013 in Versailles, France. Their wedding banquet with extended family and friends was on 7/17/2013 in Toronto. In an interview, Aimee disclosed that they initially planned to have their wedding in France during Christmas 2013, but they had to move it to June because Aimee was pregnant.
Aimee announced the birth of their first son on Weibo on 12/5/2013. His English name is Aiden Joshua and Chinese name is 陳梓燁. He was born in the afternoon of 12/4/2013 in Canossa Hospital in Hong Kong. He weighed 6lbs 11oz.
• On 9/19/2014, during a function, Aimee shared that she was pregnant with their second baby. Their second son was born in the afternoon of 2/26/2015 in Canossa Hospital in Hong Kong. His English name is Nathan Lucas and Chinese name is 陳浩鋒. He weighed 6lbs 13oz.
• Cellphone: Blackberry
• Favorite/Lucky Number: 4