"Ghost of Relativity" - 「辦公室搞鬼大賽」

Moses and cast attend the fifth promotion event for "Ghost of Relativity."
In response to rumors that he opened a coffee business, he said he can't disclose too much now, but he should be able to publicize everything by the end of the year.

Check out the official Facebook and Instagram page for Blooms:

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Congrats to Mo on his dream come true (again)!! Can't wait until Blooms is officially open to the public.
I wonder if Mo's the one updating...

According to 狂愛TVB, Mo will be filming a modern drama with Maggie Shiu in September. Yes!! Please let them be together!! Please let him play a badass character!!


"Ghost of Relativity" - 「嘩鬼同歡聚」

Moses and cast and crew of "Ghost of Relativity" came together to promote the show and to celebrate good ratings. Episode 11 had an average rating of 28pts and peaked at 29pts.

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Congrats to the cast and crew! Episode 11 was alright..."Charlie's Angels" and "Tall, Short, and Fat" were kinda getting on my nerves lol. Episode 12 was so much better. The feels!! Also my dude in that onesie in the sauna. I couldn't stop laughing.
Omg, Mo and Aimee are finally letting their babies watch TV. Every child needs "Sesame Street" hehehe. And can I say the 9PM to 5AM sleeping schedule is so good for Mo.


《潮流教主》 Wrap Up Dinner

Moses treats the cast and crew of 《潮流教主》 to wrap up dinner.

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Why does my dude look like he aged 10 years in these pictures? It's like he lost even more weight. I hope he indulges when he goes on that family trip.
Still watching "Ghost." It's the first time I'm watching the show for the female leads' interactions. It's just so crazy fun.


Saint Honore Mooncake Advertisement

Moses participates in a family themed photo shoot for Saint Honore's latest mooncake ad campaign.

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Imagine this is what Mo is like with his babies. Omg, so cute!! But that hairstyle though...lol.

According to 狂愛TVB, 《陪著你走》 will air starting August 31. I'm not particularly excited about this one.
From Instagram and Weibo, it looks like the actresses finished filming 《潮流教主》 yesterday. Maybe Mo's done as well.


Toy Story 20th Anniversary

Moses attends Toy Story 20th Anniversary celebration at tmtplaza.
He shared that he is a fan of "Toy Story" and his favorite character is Buzz Lightyear. He already bought a Buzz toy for Aiden. He wants to treat his sons fairly and buy them both new clothes and toys.
He said he and Aimee will plan to have another baby later because Aimee's body is a bit weaker than before. She had to go to the hospital and take medication.

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I hope Aimee is ok. The Chan family really needs a nice long vacation.