Olay White Radiance x Watsons

Moses attends an event to promote Olay White Radiance.
He shared that he lost some weight to film 《潮流教主》 and now wears a size M-L.
In response to recent rumors about his cafe, he said he is still working on his coffee dream and wants to keep it low profile.

Source: singpao, on.cc, wenweipo, Apple Daily, Headline Daily

TVB E-News

I guess they decided to not go with the mustache and beard. I actually think he looks good with it, maybe in black though.
I won't mind if he were a little heavier. Maybe just put on some muscle hehe.


Filming 《潮流教主》 [1]

Moses starts filming for 《潮流教主》.
In response to recent rumors that he and Aimee are living in separate houses, he said they are renovating their Tai Po house so the whole family moved to his Tseung Kwan O apartment.

Source: mingpao, takungpao, Headline Daily, on.cc, Sky Post


I actually don't dislike this new look. Give me Mo in a three piece suit any day and I will like it. He does look a lot older with the white beard and mustache. Just imagine this is how he would look when he's 70 years old, but of course with a lot more wrinkles. Not bad. Not bad at all hahaha. But I did see a recent picture of him at the airport in filming attire with no beard and mustache. Don't know what's going on there. Can't decide if I like him with or without it.