"Romantic Repertoire" - Hair Cut Event

Moses attended the third promotion event for Romantic Repertoire.
The cast celebrated Mo's upcoming birthday with a cake.
Moses shared that he used to be a hairdresser when he lived in Australia. He said Aimee is enjoying Romantic.

Source: wenweipo, Oriental Daily, mingpao, Headline Daily, on.cc, Sky Post


Really Mo? You cut hair back then? Then why is your hairstyle almost always not right for your face? Hahaha.
Don't know if any of you feel the same, but I actually really enjoy Romantic. In my opinion, it's better than his last two works, Will Power and Beauty at War. Mo and Joyce are great together. The only character I can't stand is Bella. She just needs to be gone already.

Some updates on Mo's upcoming drama. Mo plays the chief editor of a trend magazine.
There's no official word on who he's going to pair with. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no Fa Dan like Charmaine, Ada, Flora, Maggie S., etc. Who knows maybe he'll be alone forever in this one. I really don't want him paired with a younger woman. Well, I won't mind if she's Linda or Aimee hahaha. I do see that Becky Lee will also take part. Maybe she can be paired with him. Their age matches perfectly and she's also very pretty.
I'm guessing Mo also has to look fashionable. The man should work out a bit or netizens will be all up on his case - making mean comments. They're already doing it for Romantic so I'm pretty sure they won't tolerate it when this drama is about looking good. I also hope they have a hairdresser every day to fix his hair. That's what I've been noticing, his hair is always getting too long and unkempt. I have too many demands. Seriously though, can TVB do better at these things??


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