My love for this man is strong hehe.
It's been more than a year since I last updated. Sorry blog. Sorry Mo. Sorry Mo fans. I should've left a hiatus message.

It's been a while so where do I start... So much has happened in Mo Land. He returned to big screen starring in Dot 2 Dot. I still need to watch it. Mo and Aimee had their second boy, Nathan Lucas. Two babies!! The man has some baby making skills hahaha. But seriously though, no more babies for now because I do want Aimee to film something soon. The Mo man is currently on paternity leave, but we'll see him soon in Romantic Repertoire and the promotion events for it. It's been more than a year since we've seen him in a TV series. I'm actually a bit excited. He just finished filming Ghost of Relativity. Let's be honest, I don't like his hairstyle in it. Just no. I rather he show off his glorious forehead than rock that weird dorky hairstyle. He'll start filming a modern series in April/May. Please just no weird hairstyle! I look forward to learning more about it. Like who's the female lead? I was so disappointed that Flora came back to film, but not with Mo. I really want him to do an action series. Or just any tough rugged role. Yes, I'm tired of seeing him in proper roles. We need to bring Chik back for those out of the ordinary roles. Chik knows how to bring out Mo's dark side. There's also rumors of Mo opening his cafe this year. Don't remember if that is confirmed. I don't know how he has time for all this.

I guess that's it for now. I'll update again soon.


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