Ferrero Boutique

Moses attends the grand opening of Hong Kong's first Ferrero Boutique.

Source: singpao, on.cc, Oriental Daily, Appledaily, wenweipo, mingpao, Headline Daily, The Sun, singtao

Headline Daily

How can I not update with Moses looking this good in a suit. I especially love the gold tie.

I think most of you already know that Aiden has a middle name, Joshua. I can't believe Mo left that out the first time he told us Aiden's name. Aiden Joshua has a nice ring to it hehe.

Also, Mo renewed his (management) contract with TVB. I think some of his fans are not happy about this, but I'm pretty okay with it. A big part of it is because then I'll know he'll spend more time in Hong Kong, which means more opportunities for functions. And more functions means more Mo on the news, which is pretty much the only way us oversea fans get to "see" him.
Don't know about his filming plans though. No offense, but I'm really not interested in that blind girl jogging drama. But during filming of the sales presentation, Mo said he really liked the story. Unless he has other things planned, there's a big chance he'll be filming it.
Last year, Chik told a tabloid magazine that he cast Mo as male lead in his 40 episodes ancient drama that will be filmed at the end of this year. Not sure if it's still going to happen, but I like the idea of him filming an ancient drama. I just hope Chik doesn't make him play an effeminate soft spoken character again lmao. Yes, still holding a grudge against him for Mo's role in Beauty at War. The tabloid magazine also mentioned that Ada and Maggie Shiu will take part. I love me some Mo and Maggie again! Seriously need more of their love after Master of Play.
Hope to hear something soon about his upcoming filming plans. But for now more about Aiden is cool too. Can't seem to get enough of this baby.