Poll: Boy or Girl?

Mo and Aimee did not officially announce that they're expecting a baby, but we all know it. Being very traditional, they're waiting until the baby is 3 months old. At his most recent function, he said we should wait until Aimee comes back. I did the math... Lol. Let's not go into detail 'cause you guys probably think I'm crazy enough. But if not already 3 months then it should be soon. I'm thinking maybe they want to know the baby's gender before announcing it and by then the baby would be 16-20 weeks old. We must be patient. The most important thing right now is Aimee and baby are healthy.

But I'm still curious as to what fans would like the baby's gender to be.

Many tabloids said girl. If I remember correctly, a few feng shui Sifu said having a girl first would bring them luck. Many netizens said girl as well 'cause Mo has the father-in-law face lol. A boy who looks like Mo and Aimee would be super cute. A girl who only looks like Aimee would be perfect. Yep, sorry Mo, your face is all man hahaha. And if the baby inherits Aimee's beautiful smile with the crescent shaped eyes omg!! Let's all hope for a healthy baby!!


Hang Lung Properties

Moses models Hang Lung Properties' new uniform.

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Is it just me or is this man looking more handsome each day? I can't get enough of his smile hehe.
He needs to reunite with Aimee and bubs already!! Lol, I'm feeling the excitement. If 7/17 is the actual date of the dinner party then omg, just 1.5 weeks away!! I hope they find out the baby's gender during his stay there. And of course, I really really hope Aimee returns to HK with him after the party. They've been apart for way too long.

I really want to do a poll to see what you guys would like the baby's gender to be, but still trying to figure out how to stick it in a post.