Filming "Beauty at War" Promotion Videos

Moses films Beauty at War promotion videos.

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Hehehe, MoMo face. His big smile is always so cute.
I'm currently watching Beauty at War. I enjoy the story, but honestly, I do not need Mo with girly voice and Mo with eyeshadow. No! I can go on shouting "no" for 10 minutes. That's just how much I can't stand it. But I do like his character.
I think these promotion videos are for Scoop... Not 100% sure, but he was promoting the show on last night's Scoop lol.


"Beauty at War" - 「點石成金靠流言」

Moses attends the second promotion event for Beauty at War.

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Singing Sub Theme 《紫禁飄謠》: By bw2046, By chaucerz

Omg, bubba looked so cute yesterday. Such a cute hairstyle!! Gah, when he smiles, I just want to hug his head. And that outfit...who dressed you Mo?! They need to be on call 24/7/365!! Lol.
He sang pretty well...it wasn't bad haha. Can we have the CD version? I actually prefer his singing over that voice over thing he did for the theme. Watch out for those few seconds when he makes cute faces at Christine. I replayed those parts hehehe. Mang, he's so sweet to cheer her on.


"Beauty at War" - 「紅牆解禁˙內有乾『崑』」

Moses attends the first promotion event for Beauty at War.

Source: on.cc, Appledaily, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily, Oriental Daily

The 22nd!! I'm trying to keep away from the trailers and spoilers. Gonna watch this with no expectations. But seriously though, why must he have extremely over the top weird make-up in this drama? I'm not against dudes wearing make-up, but when it's like that then yes. Pretty much all I really want to know is how this one and War and Beauty are connected.