"Will Power" Wrap Up Dinner

Moses attends the wrap dinner for Will Power.

Source: Oriental Daily, Sina, Headline Daily, Sing Tao Daily, Appledaily, on.cc, singpao, mingpao

Moses was late to the dinner and got yelled at by Catherine Tsang lol. He looks so cute apologizing to her. Maybe he was on a date with Aimee or something keke.
You know what my first thought was when I first saw these pictures? I thought: Wow, Mo that's a really nice shirt. Is it new?!
Hahaha, he should buy the same shirt in 1,000 colors. Yep, it's just that good of a shirt.


Century Sakura - Change Style

Moses attends Century Sakura's "Change Style" event.

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Hehe, they're so cute together. Anyhoos, looks like Moses' hair needs a trim. And his pants are so baggy. But overall lovin' his outfit. This man can't go wrong in a suit.

So Moses confirmed it himself that he'll be filming in Mainland some time this year. Just hoping it's a modern drama then. But he really likes the historical stuff. I'm cool with that as long as he doesn't have to shave his head and if the hair is done right. I actually liked his hairstyle in Where the Legend Begins, The Battle Against Evil, Better Halves, and The Gentle Crackdown. Lemme tell you, he can have the same hairstyle in another drama, but if the wig is set incorrectly, it'll become a total eyesore. At the end of the day, whatever he films, I'll still watch it lol. For now, bring on more functions!!


Oh man, these two are just too sweet together. Goosebumps, y'all!! Moses is such a dork.


The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Day 2)

Moses attends The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market to promote War and Beauty II.

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War and Beauty II

Thought I'd be a bit more excited after watching the trailer, but nope, still nothing. And I know exactly what the issues are. Sigh, I hope I'm wrong about this one.

Moses is such a goof when asked about saying the word "check" in Perish in the Name of Love. Mo, you're truly the best at making awkward situations funny. I wonder who showed him the clip haha. I would kill to see him and Aimee watching the clip.


7th Asian Film Awards

Moses attends the 7th Asian Film Awards.

Source: ent.163.com, Sina

D'aw, his tiny suit jacket and his big ol' smile.

The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Day 1)

Moses attends The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market to promote Will Power.

Source: Oriental Daily, Appledaily, mingpao, on.cc, Sing Tao Daily

TVB Programmes 2013 Press Conference

I just realized that I didn't do a post for last year's Filmart.

Moses doesn't speak as much as he used to. He just says things here and there. It's as if he's going back to the way he used to be. But the quiet him back then was cute too hehe.
He looks way too skinny in the trailer for Will Power, but his role looks pretty good. The court scene!

Aimee attended a function yesterday and mentioned that Mo will not be in Hong Kong for two months. Omg, for reals?! Where is he going? What is he up to? After snooping around Weibo lol...he'll be in Mainland to film a drama(?). Err, I shall wait till it's officially official. But I love that we have Aimee to update us on his whereabouts hahaha.