According to Kuanagai TVB, War and Beauty II premieres on 4/22 at 9:30PM. I'm cool with that date. I just don't know how I feel about the show itself. Mo's eye makeup thingy. Eyeliner, eyeshadow, or both. Not feelin' it hahaha. It does give him that "I perform in Chinese operas" feel, but it just doesn't look good on him. Sigh, still in love with Hung Mo. That has got to be his best Qing Dynasty look. Anyhoo, on to the actual storyline. I don't know the details so I'm good 'cause you know how shows can get boring when you know too much. But I'll probably end up reading the spoilers later anyway hahaha. Pretty much probably one of biggest question on everyone's mind: What's the connection between this and the first installment? From the 今日VIP interview, sounds like the first installment is like how II's sales presentation sold it, the happenings in I was just a tale told within the palace. But they're probably not gonna flat out tell us that's how it is. Chik and Yuk-ming always choose to make things a bit more complicated for viewers lol. But I like that the duo leaves room for viewers to create their own ideas/stories to fill in the gap. That's pretty much what I did for When Heaven Burns and Master of Play. I think I've become a pro at it lmao. So if there are a lot of gaps, I'll make it work out in this crazy head of mine, but if it's boring in general..., eh, I really hope it won't be. Well at least not his parts. And another big question: Who will he end up with? I ship both pairings so I don't know who I want him to be with yet. I guess it all depends on the characters. Someone might be left brokenhearted again. I actually kinda like how they ended I. It was beautifully tragic. I wonder if viewers would be okay with it if they did something similar heee. And not to forget, we do get to see him in the Hung Mo outfit. I look forward to watching how the show builds up to that scene.

Mo was recently spotted going to Macau with Louis Yuen and Tats Lau to do a show. He looked really good that day hehe. I don't know if it's the lighting, but his skin looked really nice. His weight also looked normal. Maybe because he was wearing more layers or loose clothing? Remember that picture I shared of him shopping? Man, he was way too skinny in that one.

Source: 劉以達 Weibo

Hehehe, forever with the shy awkward smile. This guy needs to be spotted more often!
I hope he'll be making more public appearances soon.



It's been a week since I last updated. Dude has not been doing anything but filming and working on his coffee shop. When will filming wrap? It needs to happen soon 'cause I'm so over it lol. It feels like he's been filming it for half a year already hahaha. But in actuality it's only been about 2.5 months. Seriously, feels like forever though.

Did you guys read the "East Week" article about his coffee shop. He should take some time off after filming 《傳愛》 (and I think he will) to work on it. Extremely excited to see the concept/theme for the shop. I hope he draws/paints some artwork for it. It's about time he gets to really show off his artistic skills hehe. I can totally imagine a place nice and cozy with his art pieces hanging on the walls. Just think of the three words he always uses: simple, comfortable, and natural. Yes, so hyped for the day he finally opens shop. But like I said before, he should take his sweet time. No rush.

And nope, still no word on filming a new drama. Someone out there probably knows something hahaha. Last week's "FACE" article said he renewed his contract with TVB and they're allowing him to film in mainland China. Honestly, I don't think he'll leave TVB/HK anytime soon 'cause 1) His girlfriend is still there and from her "Most Improved" acceptance speech in 2009, she probably has a few (many?) more years in TVB 2) He's extremely loyal 3) He's opening a coffee shop soon so he most likely wants to stay in HK to watch the progress and 4) Let's face it y'all, he's too lazy to do all this switcheroo thing. But who knows. I personally think he won't want to go anywhere so soon when he's worked so hard to get his coffee shop up and running. And I personally want him to stay 'cause I'm not a fan of mainland dramas and dubbing. Mostly the dubbing. Also a few actresses are coming back to TVB. Jade Leung!! They probably won't work together, but a girl can dream haha. They had amazing chemistry in Battle Against Evil.

Hmmm, is there anything I missed? News and updates have been really slow these past two months. Will definitely update as soon as I read anything juicy.
Oh yes, voting for "Next TV Award" started. Please vote if you can: http://nexttvawards.next.hk/voting.html. Once again, it doesn't matter if he's 1 or 10, it only matters that he gets to take the pretty pics hehe.


"When Heaven Burns" 大團圓喜慶迎金蛇

Moses with cast of When Heaven Burns at Citywalk to countdown to the year of the snake.

Source: mingpao, on.cc, Oriental Daily, Appledaily

More pictures:
Citywalk荃新天地之『天與地』大團圓喜慶迎金蛇 |Facebook

MC Hall

Once again, Happy New Year!!

When his outfit is something this unique he really shouldn't wear it so soon again hahaha.
I want to see videos of Kenny and Bowie teasing him!! It's all out of love. But seriously, he's such an easy target hehe.
I think some artistes at TVB get 3 days off from filming so I hope he's getting a lot of beauty sleep.


Happy Year of the Snake 2013

Moses, Charmaine, Bowie, and Kenny get together for an interview with "Appledaily" to kick-off the year of the snake.

Source: Appledaily


Happy Lunar New Year!!
Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous year.

It's so nice to see them together again. Look at dude play the guitar. He's so sexy hahaha wish he'd play more often in shows or events. And as always love his big smile. Save the video y'all!


Festival Walk - 褔滿桃紅迎新歲

Moses attends Festival Walk's kick-off event for Chinese New Year.

Source: Appledaily, wenweipo, on.cc, mingpao, Headline Daily, The Sun, HK Headline

Headline Daily

Wow, it's been so long.
Look what the sun and lack of sleep did to his face. One to two more months of filming left and then hopefully vacation. Makes me wonder what happened to his second coffee book. If I remember correctly, he mentioned in an interview that he wants to focus on his coffee shop the second half of the year. Not sure if that means he'll not film anything during that time. An old tabloid article wrote that he said he'll film less, but I can't remember if that's before or after he's opened shop. I should probably reread that article haha. But you know plans can change and stuff. Just like how his response to marriage is different this time. Interesting.

So excited for the Chinese New Year eve event!!