Hello Baby Aiden!

Congratulations to Aimee and Moses on the birth of their boy, Aiden!!
He's a cutie pie. I wish this loving family all the best. May he grow up to be healthy and happy and as big and handsome as his Daddy.

Or maybe pretty like his Mommy hehe.
Wow, time sure flies. Just 6 months ago we were bouncing off the walls when Aimee and Mo announced they were married. I'm finally starting to feel old lol.

Baby Aiden was born in the afternoon of December 4th (HKT), which is a few weeks earlier than the previously said due date (December 25th). He weighed 6lbs 11oz. As a fangirl, one of thoughts that came up was four is Mo's lucky/favorite number and both Mo and Aimee have a four in their birth date. It's a nice coincidence. Not trying to sound crazy, but I'd say baby Aiden sure knows when to arrive haha.

What are your thoughts on the name Aiden? Af first I was like "meh" because in America it's currently one of the top 10 boy names. And I think it's also very popular in Canada. So let's say Aiden goes to school in America or Canada, there may be around 10 Aidens in his class rofl. Yes, I feel so evil and guilty for thinking that another name would be better. I'm a horrible person!! But after seeing the name next to Aimee's name numerous times, it's growing on me. It's really cute and sweet that a part of Aimee's name is in his name. It also shows how much Mo loves them both. Aww, I feel so fuzzy inside now hahaha. Mo said there's another reason why they chose the name. I wonder if they'll ever tell us. Probably not...

Source: Aimee's Weibo

Just look at that side profile!! Handsome little guy. It looks like he has very smooth skin. I just want to touch it hahaha. It's hard to tell who he looks like from this picture. Mandy Cho said he has Mo's nose and Aimee's lips. Can we know about his eyes?! Not that we can tell so early, but I hope he has Aimee's eyes and smile hehehe. On the day of their discharge, Mo said they'll later share a family photo on Weibo. Hopefully then we'll be able to see the front of Aiden's face. Gah, the anticipation!!

...And I will try so hard to continue to update this blog hehe. Maybe Aiden needs a fanblog of his own. Oh!


  1. Yay!! I've been waiting for you to post about the baby! XD

    I also thought of 4 as Mo & Aimee's special #, hehee ^^
    Aiden is adorable..! Hope Aimee will share more pics with us over time. I didn't think much of the name at first, but it's cute :) I am also curious what the other reason is for the name choice ;P

    1. Great fans think alike!! Hahaha!!!

      They'll never say :'(