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Hong Kong International Airport, 6.14.2013

On 6/14 at the Hong Kong International Airport, Mo confirmed that Aimee is indeed pregnant. He didn't say the actual words, but his responses said it all. Yes, he's gonna be a daddy!! We have so many more questions, but we can trust that he'll tell us when the time is right.

Source: Ming Pao Weekly Issue 2327

Ming Pao Weekly Issue 2327

Oh my gah! Stop it!! Wait, no, don't! His love for her. Someone hold me while I sob tears of joy. I'm so happy for them and we're not even related rofl.
In the latest issue of "Ming Pao Weekly," Mo said:
1) They chose France because Aimee always dreamed of having her wedding there.
2) The wedding took place in one of the palaces in Château de Versailles.
3) They planned the wedding for ~6 months.
4) Aimee personally designed and drew the menus and name tags. As for the ring holders, she found the Eiffel Tower replicas and they had it spray painted.
5) When exchanging vows, they both cried. When Aimee said she will cherish him very much, he couldn't hold back the tears.
6) When they decided to buy the townhouse in The Beverly Hills, Tai Po, they did not know she was pregnant.

You can read the complete interview at KuangaiTVB.
I seriously lol every time I think about how Aimee was jumping on the beach (too many times) and eating all kinds of crazy foods while filming in Malaysia. But on a very serious note, I hope the baby is ok after all that.

Been reading reports and comments here and there and I just wanted to clarify a few things:
1) They started dating in the summer of 2011 so they dated (exactly) 2 years not 3 before getting married. On 5/30/2012, Mo did a radio interview with Cha Siu Yan and she asked him if it's their one year anniversary yet and he said not yet.
2) They were engaged ~1.5 years (or maybe even earlier) into their relationship. My guess is around the time they went to Paris in 11/2012. At the airport on 6/14, he said their story started there.
3) It was not a shotgun wedding. You guys need to recheck your dictionary, encyclopedia, or Wikipedia for the definition lol.

Can you believe it? They've only known each other for less than 3 years and they're married. Sigh, mind blowing sweet sweet love. It's so beautiful!!

Let's all wait for more baby news. Don't be surprised that I already have a nickname for him/her hahaha.

Congratulations again!!


  1. Awww! Thanks for the detailed overview of their wedding (and relationship in general)! Too sweet :D

    Lol, what will the nickname for their BB be? :P

    1. Babyccino! Roflmao!! xD

    2. LOL LOL!! That is really cute, HAHAHAHAA ;D