I've been really terrible at keeping this blog updated.

Beauty at War ended last Friday. Not gonna lie, I like War and Beauty a lot more. The ending was good, but I wanted more umph. Overall, a good drama, but I still have to add: "Why?! Why the eye makeup?!" Lol! Something good that came out of this drama would be my desire for Mo and Ada to collaborate again. Can't believe I forgot that they have such amazing chemistry. Welps, don't know when that'll happen.

Have you guys been keeping up with his marriage rumors? Haha. I have my theories. Actually theory probably isn't the right word...wish would be more accurate lol. For those who haven't read the news and tabloids, and you have to read the Chinese version 'cause the English translations just aren't accurate translations, here's what happened:

Aimee was to start filming a drama in June, but she suddenly dropped out. She said something came up at home so she had to go back to Canada to visit her parents. Aimee and Mo denied getting married. A tabloid came out saying the reason Aimee went back was 'cause she's pregnant. Mo denied that as well. He did a radio interview that day saying that he is "planning" to get married. Another tabloid said Aimee went back 'cause her mom is very sick (FYI: In the past, Aimee told the media a number of times that her mom can't visit because she's too sick to travel). Neither Aimee nor Mo responded to this report. Mo then went to Reno to do a concert. When he returned he denied going to Canada to visit Aimee and her parents.

My first thought was maybe Aimee's mom is sick. But then after seeing how Mo was acting, I thought maybe not. It's not right to be that happy and silly when your girlfriend's mom is sick lol. I did think they were planning a wedding, but didn't get why Aimee had to leave so suddenly just for that. So yes, her being pregnant seemed about right.

Today, Mo finally made a public appearance. As usual, all he said was: "I don't know," "I don't know how to answer that," "I'll tell everyone when I have good news," "I'll let you know when it happens," "Thank you for your blessings," etc. The thing about Mo is he's more likely to avoid a question than lie. He did tell us that Aimee's mom is not sick and is very healthy. Then I dunno, I guess Aimee might be pregnant hehe. This actually reminds me of what happened 2 years ago when he was pursuing Aimee. Coincidentally, all this is happening around the same time of the year. Same kind of questioning with the same kind of response. And we all know how that turned out rofl. Oh so excited! Hoping for some good news soon.


  1. I thought his replies at the function were hilarious and quite telling... ;) It was cute how happy and full of energy he was. Can't wait 'til we officially find out!

    Oh, and about BAW.. I agree with you! It was a decent series, but definitely lacking something. I had no problem with the make-up though :P

    1. He was absolutely adorable!!

      Aww, you're so nice. :p