BlackBerry Z10

Moses attends the press conference for BlackBerry Z10.

Source: Appledaily, HK Headline, on.cc, singpao, mingpao, Headline Daily, wenweipo

Moses does not need to lose weight. His face is too skinny!! I think he looks perfectly fine a little heavier. And I will never understand why he looks so tired even when not filming. Rest more and eat a healthy diet! Maybe squeeze in some time for exercise?
He'll soon head to Mainland China to film a drama. Why now?! Extremely worried. I don't even care what he films anymore as long as he's healthy.


  1. He is even thinner in person! Told him he is way too thin and must eat!! But he said he is still dieting. >< The suit is really just hanging off him. Miss the bigger him. ~~

    1. Why?! He's not even doing it the healthy way lol. There needs to be a mix of diet and exercise >=( Haha, he wears that same suit when he skinny or fat. I want him just a bit heavier with some muscle...not bulky though.