"Beauty at War" - 「點石成金靠流言」

Moses attends the second promotion event for Beauty at War.

Source: Appledaily, east38, Hong Kong China News Agency, Sing Tao Daily, Sharp Daily, The Sun, Oriental Daily, mingpao, Sky Post, Macao Daily News, Headline Daily

Singing Sub Theme 《紫禁飄謠》: By bw2046, By chaucerz

Omg, bubba looked so cute yesterday. Such a cute hairstyle!! Gah, when he smiles, I just want to hug his head. And that outfit...who dressed you Mo?! They need to be on call 24/7/365!! Lol.
He sang pretty well...it wasn't bad haha. Can we have the CD version? I actually prefer his singing over that voice over thing he did for the theme. Watch out for those few seconds when he makes cute faces at Christine. I replayed those parts hehehe. Mang, he's so sweet to cheer her on.

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  1. Thanks for the video! The song isn't bad and Mo's singing is getting better! You are right about the cute faces. Super sweet and adorable! Always love a playful Mo. =D