The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market (Day 2)

Moses attends The 17th Hong Kong International Film & TV Market to promote War and Beauty II.

Source: east38, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, Sharp Daily, Headline Daily, mingpao, wenweipo, singtao

War and Beauty II

Thought I'd be a bit more excited after watching the trailer, but nope, still nothing. And I know exactly what the issues are. Sigh, I hope I'm wrong about this one.

Moses is such a goof when asked about saying the word "check" in Perish in the Name of Love. Mo, you're truly the best at making awkward situations funny. I wonder who showed him the clip haha. I would kill to see him and Aimee watching the clip.


  1. Now that filming has wrapped, we are gonna see more of him...hopefully. ^^ I have mixed feelings about War and Beauty II. However, still looking forward to it! ~~
    Btw, are you able to get his coffee book? Let me know if you need help to get one. XD

    1. I do look forward to his story with Sheren and Ada. Just not feeling the rest of the cast.
      So far Yesasia doesn't have it yet T^T Maybe I should wait just a bit longer. Thank you so much!!