Shell FuelSave (Day 1)

Moses attends the first Shell FuelSave event at local gas stations.

Source: wenweipo, Appledaily, takungpao, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, on.cc, mingpao, Headline Daily, Macao Daily

So many more functions coming up! And I'm hoping for more after he's done filming 《傳愛》, which should happen anytime soon now (lol).
I already have his schedule figured out:
1) 7-8 hrs of sleep
2) 4 hrs for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
3) 2-3 hrs for function/event
4) 1 hr for exercise
5) 8 hrs to chillax

I just noticed in these pictures that he needs to build up some muscle haha. He's all skinny and fragile.
Gah, just so happy that we get to see him more.


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