Festival Walk - 褔滿桃紅迎新歲

Moses attends Festival Walk's kick-off event for Chinese New Year.

Source: Appledaily, wenweipo, on.cc, mingpao, Headline Daily, The Sun, HK Headline

Headline Daily

Wow, it's been so long.
Look what the sun and lack of sleep did to his face. One to two more months of filming left and then hopefully vacation. Makes me wonder what happened to his second coffee book. If I remember correctly, he mentioned in an interview that he wants to focus on his coffee shop the second half of the year. Not sure if that means he'll not film anything during that time. An old tabloid article wrote that he said he'll film less, but I can't remember if that's before or after he's opened shop. I should probably reread that article haha. But you know plans can change and stuff. Just like how his response to marriage is different this time. Interesting.

So excited for the Chinese New Year eve event!!


  1. Filming should probably finish soon. He needs his beauty sleep and he needs to eat. :P
    Glad that he has CNY event with, 天與地 cast. Looking forward to it. :))

    1. Oh yea, I wonder if he'll start eating like crazy or keep to his diet hahaha!!
      Will you be there as well? :O

  2. Haha....knowing him,he will probably lose control subsequently. :D
    Yes, we will be there as well. The event venue is just opposite our hotel. ; )

    1. True true that is so him haha!!
      Oh nice! Have fun! Bet it will be with Charmaine and Bowie. They're both also really playful. Any idea if he has other functions coming up besides the one on the 9th?

  3. Thanks Mare! Sober Band and Charmaine! ^^
    As for other functions, none that I know of.
    Will check with him about his coffee book. ~~

    1. Awesome! Thank you! Hope it comes out soon :D