Radio Television Hong Kong - 35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award

Moses attends 第35屆十大中文金曲 (Radio Television Hong Kong - 35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award) awards presentation.
《年少無知》 wins No. 12 "Top Ten Chinese Gold Song."

Source: The Sun, on.cc, Appledaily, mingpao

Radio Television Hong Kong - 35th Top Ten Chinese Gold Songs Award (Source: Az Drama)

Congrats to Mo, Bowie, Kenny, Paul, and 林若寧!!

This should be the last music award for the year 2012. 《年少無知》 won a total of 7 awards. Yay!! Extremely happy for these guys.

A lot of entertaining moments in this awards presentation. A few people poked fun at Mo's Mandarin...including Andy Hui, one the MC's (didn't catch his name), and Bowie. But it's all good. Mo's reactions were so cute. It's nice to see him laugh so hard. Joey Yung said she wanted to work with Mo and his reaction was super cute. Did he stand before or after she said his name? Either way it was adorable hehe. And that moment when they gave 阿Sa an award and she was giving her speech, the 3 of them were chatting and laughing behind her. Kinda rude, but whatever, it was nice to see how close they are. Bowie grabbed the hook of his arm. I don't know why but the way Bowie acted towards Mo at that moment made me squeal like a fangirl hahaha. Also even till this moment, I'm still amazed by how close Mo and QiQi (renown model and wife of Simon Yam) are. It was so sweet when she was presenting their award and said, "Wow, [I'm] so happy. [It's] a good friend." That was nice, real nice. I want to give her a hug for that haha. Surprised to say, but this awards presentation is a must-see for Mo fans.

Back to just Mo himself. This is my 1000th time seeing him wear that jacket lol just kidding, maybe 6th time. But I guess it's okay since we haven't seen him in a while. It looks like he got a tan(?) and there's something with his face. He looks better...can I say a little bit more handsome? Hahaha!! Maybe it's just the fangirl in me who misses him rofl. Whatever it is, can he keep his face like this? Hehe.

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