Filming 《傳愛事務所》 [2]

1/12 at Kam Tin

In this scene, Moses and Wayne are confronted by the triad and are forced by the triad to join them.

Source: Oriental Daily, The Sun, on.cc

He lost so much weight that his suits don't even fit properly. He needs more food!

I love his "WTF?" face in the picture of the triad members yelling at them. Haha.
Saw a video of Fala filming her crying scene. She seemed very boyish in the video. Makes me wonder what her and Moses' relationship will be like.


  1. Really excited about this drama. Hopefully it would be released soon after filming. Mo's suits are hanging off him now....and his cheeks are so sunken. ~~

    1. I have a love hate relationship with this drama. The main reasons I want to see this are it's a modern drama and he wears suits lololol. He needs his cheeks back!! That's one of the things I love most :(