Filming 《傳愛事務所》 [1]

At Lan Kwai Fong

Source: Appledaily, Sing Tao Daily


At Tai Hang

Source: mingpao

Sorry, for the late update.

Yep, he looks so good in suits. I can stare at him dressed like that all day haha.
The look on his face when he's shopping...hehehe.

According to "Astroview" magazine, the English title for this drama is Will Power. It's actually not bad. Now if only they would change the Chinese title. And I only just found out recently that Mo's name is 李名揚. Lol, I'm so late. I like it. However, what's more important is if he gets an English name and if he does, what is it. Don't try something funky now writers hahaha. Maybe it'll be like M.C. Lam and be M.Y. Lee rofl. Darnnit, now I want to know real badly.


  1. Looking forward to Mo drama....it's like such a long time since 天梯.....And seriously want to see him in suits as a professional. ^^ He looks thinner.....sigh....Love his outfit in the bottom pic :)

    1. I too need to watch one of his dramas now. Maybe I should re-watch one of his old dramas. I think his face looks a little too thin at the moment. That puffy vest hehe!

  2. I have just re-watched 金牌冰人 and loved the super adorable Mo in it. :))

    1. Haha!! I love that he's so tough yet shy in there. He should play more roles like that.