Moses attends Baker's opening event.

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Hmmm, I swear he wore this exact outfit around the same time last year. With the same shoes haha!!

Omg, awards time coming very soon! Just a little disappointed that Aimee won't be going to the Astro on Demand awards. Usually TVB artistes have more fun at the smaller award ceremonies. By smaller I mean less people lol.

CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2012

Moses, Kenny, and Bowie win "Best Vocal Collaboration" for the song 《年少無知》 at CASH Golden Sail Music Awards 2012.

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Really wanted to post this good news yesterday, but could only find one picture. So happy this got news coverage!! Extremely happy for these guys, Paul Wong, Chik, and everyone who took part in When Heaven Burns.

His hairstyle is starting to look like Miu Tin's...Why?! Lol!!


"The Last Steep Ascent" Celebration

Moses attends The Last Steep Ascent's celebration dinner held by Norman Leung.

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Can someone tell me what's with his hair? Is he trying to copy Aimee's. No no no...no. Hahaha!! It can look good, but for some reason it's not working. And especially 'cause a few strands got out of place lol. This better not be for the new drama!! But maybe there's a way to fix it if he grows his hair out even more. Hmmm, doubt it, slow hair haha! Love you still, Momo!

Ok, looking at the new pictures and watching the entertainment news coverage I think this hairstyle can work. Maybe just fix the strands in the front...put some product on it to get it back in place. His hair got all messy when he was playing with Kenny. They're my favorite Mo bromance!! ...But what's with his sideburns? Lol.

Moses said he hopes When Heaven Burns wins "Best Series." Oh, I want this to happen.

Watch the videos! I just can't get enough of his smile and laugh.


Astro Promotion

Moses in Malaysia to promote "Astro On Demand Awards 2012" and attend "Astro - Meet Your Favourite Artistes."

11/22 MYFM

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When I first saw pictures of him with his hair like that I went wild. I also like his head this size lol. His skin also looks so pretty hehe.
I really love how he's not shy to express his love for Aimee. I hope they'll both be at the awards ceremony.

11/23 Astro Screening Event 2013

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Oh my Moses!!! His suit vest!!! He looks so freakin' amazing in it!! Can he dress and look like that in the upcoming drama?! He's so charming at this event. Actually he was really charming and cheeky throughout his stay in Malaysia haha. I love it!!

11/23 Cheras Leisure Mall

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Looking very handsome. It's the hair I tell you!! Lol.
I'm so happy he sang 《年少無知》 and not "When You Say Nothing At All" hahaha!! He needs new songs!!
My favorite part would be the game segment. The fanboy during the guessing game was so random rofl, but cute in a way.

11/24 Aeon Cheras Selatan

Hongkong Starz Stalker: Astro TVB Artist Meet The Fans

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A lot less videos and pictures for this event. Can't really tell, but he seems a bit more tired haha.
He'll be back in Malaysia on 12/2 for the "Astro Awards," omg, so excited!! Not that I'm going, but still lololol.


TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Nomination Press Conference

Moses attends TVB 45th Anniversary Awards nomination press conference.

Moses is nominated for "Best Actor" and "My Favorite TV Male Character" for his role in The Last Steep Ascent.
When Heaven Burns, Let It Be Love, Master of Play, and The Last Steep Ascent are nominated for "Best Series."

Source: singpao, Sing Tao Daily, wenweipo, Appledaily, on.cc, mingpao, The Sun

Don't usually update news if I miss the date, but I wanted to post this just because it's one of those TVB anniversary thingys.