Not at all related to Mo. Well kinda? A little? Almost? Maybe? Hahaha.

Aimee will be in Malaysia on the 25th and 26th: Cheras Leisure Mall on the 25th; Ipoh Parade and Gurney Plaza on the 26th. This is her first time there to meet fans. I know there are a few Malaysian Mo fans who visit this blog sometimes. I hope you guys can stop by and meet her. Not hard selling or anything, but she's his girlfriend(!) and possibly Mrs. Chan Chan rofl. It would pretty cool to see how she really is and why he's so into her. And yea, she's really nice and sweet...kinda like the female version of Mo lololol. Her official fanclub also wants to know if anyone is interested in meeting her at the airport. If you're interested let me know and I'll let them know. Gah, sometimes I wish I lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia.

And here's something I have on Mo; he'll be in Foshan on the 26th.



I watched the last episode of The Last Steep Ascent last night. I cried. Lol. I absolutely loved the ending. The only thing I think would've made it better is Mo and Maggie having more realistic wrinkled skin. Hahaha. Yes, I know it's a stupid thought, but I seriously think it would've made it even more awesome. Overall, I enjoyed the show. There was no lovey dovey mushy action between Mo and Maggie, but you could still feel their love for each other. Pure and simple love. There are just so many things I liked about this drama: Mo and Joel's bromance, Mo, Kenny, Tsui Wing, and Yeung Ching Wah's bromance, Zi Ming Gor (縮骨村長), all the children, Samantha Ko, etc. Seriously, the bromances in this drama haha so freakin' sweet. Just a side thought...I hope Joel continues acting 'cause he's really good. So yep, I think all Mo fans should give this one a try. If you find it a bit boring and can't go on, at least watch the last episode--Mo in a three piece suit (omm!), Mo with teary eyes, and Mo saying the most beautiful and tear-jerking lines ever!! He portrayed the character pretty well. And the character is quite likeable. Miu Tin isn't over the top nice--there's a good balance. He's like one of those average nice, smart, and dependable guys at work/school/neighborhood. One that I would like to meet hehehe. ...Then one day you see him strutting around in a three piece suit and "BAM!" he ain't so average anymore roflmao!!

And it's finally that time of year again...TVB awards. I really think he deserves an award this year for When Heaven Burns and Master of Play and especially after watching him play a goofy role like Yu Chun Tung in Let It Be Love and a nice guy role like Miu Tin in Ascent, but a big part of me knows that he most likely won't win anything so I've decided not to anticipate him winning and just be like whatever-mang-I-hope-you-look-smokin'-hot-and-don't-wear-a-freakin'-hat-and-have-omm-sweet-moments-with-Aimee-that-night. Sorry, long sentence there haha. Seriously, it's all about looking good and not wearing a hat! I'm still spazzing over those pics of him at "The Coffee Academics." I missed his fivehead so freakin' much!! And I love love love that he gained weight. I don't even care if it's just fat. I just want to pinch his cheeks (on his face lol) and give him a good squeeze. I hope he keeps his hair that way and wears a formfitting suit for awards night. That's all I want. And also not to forget for the sales presentation show and the anniversary gala. Oh and please wear new clothes. He's infamous for recycling wardrobes. Not cool Mo. Not cool. Lmao. For the sales presentation, Mo will only be in one drama, 《傳愛事務所》. Filming of the actual drama starts at the end of November.

We haven't seen him much lately. Other than working on his coffee book, I wonder what else he's been up to. So far, I know he'll be in New Zealand on 11/3 for the "Miss Chinese New Zealand Pageant." I kinda want more Mo especially now that he's not wearing a hat anymore hahaha. So hopefully there's a function soon. I need some new pics and video interviews! But for now we can just repeatedly watch him in this Scoop interview: 10/18/2012 (at 6:33). I love his eyes, his smile, his body, etc lol. I simply adore this man! Sigh, I hope to write more soon.


Filming 《傳愛事務所》 (Sales Presentation) [2]

Moses, Wayne, Mak Bao, etc. film the sales presentation for 《傳愛事務所》.

Source: on.cc, Oriental Daily

Zomm, his hair! We finally see his hair! I cried a little lol.
Moses' face in that picture hahaha!!


Filming 《傳愛事務所》 (Sales Presentation) [1]

Moses, Wayne, Mak Bao, Fala, etc. film the sales presentation for 《傳愛事務所》.

Source: Headline Daily, on.cc, Oriental Daily, The Sun, Appledaily, mingpao

I will only say two things:
1. Moses looks freakin' amazing like this. I especially love his sneakers. And he looks better in this wig than in the wigs that he wears for commercials, ads, and functions lol. His shoulders are absolutely beautiful here, but that's probably 'cause of shoulder pads hehe.
2. What's with the name?


TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony

Moses attends TVB 45th Anniversary Lighting Ceremony.

Source: mingpao, Headline Daily, Appledaily, on.cc, wenweipo, singtao, Oriental Daily, The Sun, HK Headline

Omg, the size of these images makes stacking them so difficult lol.
Moses needs to stop wearing hats! We love your buzz cut!! And he needs to stop making silly faces. Too many Mo related things bothering me at the moment. Let's not talk about that lawyer drama ever until costume fitting or sales presentation.