"The Last Steep Ascent" - 「愛.無限」

Moses attends The Last Steep Ascent's second promotion event.

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MC Hall's YouTube Channel

Please no hats anymore hahaha.
Currently enjoying Ascent. I really like Mo's interactions with the children. We need more of it!!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


Olay Total Effects

Moses attends Olay Total Effects function.

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Won't have time to update tonight so I wanted to post this now.
Finally new clothes! Hahaha!! I can still see that he needs broader shoulders. Yes, this and his hair have become my main focuses at the moment.
Moses sometimes tells us a little too much. I'm not sure if Aimee will be happy with this disclosure lol.
But anyhoo, happy unofficial 1 year anniversary to the two!!


TVB 2013 Calendar

Moses, Kevin, Myolie, and Wayne at TVB for calendar photo shoot.

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Seriously, the shoulder lololol. And the belly. And the hat. Extremely worried about this calendar.

Walker Shop X Cancer Fund

Moses attends Walker Shop's charity event.

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That gray jacket needs to go lol.
Moses, where are your shoulder?! They're not as broad as they used to be. He really needs to start doing push ups or something.


開心家天下 Happy Family (Metro)

Moses does an interview with Nancy Sit on 《開心家天下》.

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I recorded the interview, but the quality is so horrible. If any of you want it I will upload it.
I didn't really pay attention to the interview 'cause it was late at night (12AM-1AM) so I can't really give you guys a summary. I only remember him talking a lot about Aimee and Nancy Sit saying he has nice eyes and then they both laughed their heads off. Hahaha!!
You see that white shirt he's wearing? Why yes I did try to see through it lol.


Fan and Kam

Moses does an interview with Plato Lai and Shermaine Wong on Fan and Kam.

Watch here: Oden奧登52's Sina

Mo fans should definitely watch this interview.
I absolutely love it when he talks about his childhood/teenage years and his love life. Here he talked about his childhood/teenage love life so you can imagine how giddy I was.
Sometimes I forget how old he really is and here he went on talking about discos, house parties, and rave parties and so I was like, "Wow, you're kinda old," and especially when he showed us the dance moves. Hahaha!! Omm, I totally lmao.
I also loved it when Plato told him to show us how he asked girls out and what he did is too funny. His eyes and dorky smile and with the background music lololol. I totally died watching that part.
Moses is just too silly. He should really do more of these interviews.


耆力量 - 「耆力廣場」 (RTHK)

Moses does an interview with 盧世昌 and 任嘉敏 on 《耆力量》.

Listen here: rthk.hk

Gah, Moses' voice is so sexy!! Lol. And his laugh...sometimes a little crazy and too much, but it's genuine and cute. He didn't really give us a lot of updates in this interview. It was mostly a lot of cute and sweet 婆婆s and aunties calling in to tell him how much they enjoy watching his shows haha. Very sweet.
Mo mentioned that he sees 余子明 as a role model. I love 余子明 in The Last Steep Ascent!! He's currently my favorite character hahaha. He's annoying, but so funny.
A lot of people are asking Mo when he's getting married. I like his current answer. I'm happy to know that he finally found the one. I don't know if you guys remember, but next Saturday is the one year anniversary of Mo and Aimee publicizing their relationship. Lol, the silly things I choose to remember.


一圈圈 (881)

Moses does an interview with Elaine Ng on 《一圈圈》.

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Oh, it's been a while since Moses did a radio interview. I wonder when this will be broadcasted.