Club Med

Moses attends the unveiling ceremony for Club Med's ski resort.

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Headline Daily

Today's news is a good example of why we shouldn't trust what is written...and that videos are the best! The ontv clip is extremely hilarious. The reporters are great there. I don't get his "努力緊" thing. I mean back then when he was courting her it made sense, but when it comes to marriage I'm a bit confused. It's always hard to figure this guy out with his odd use of words. Can't he speak like a normal person?! Hahaha.
I seriously love his cheeks when he smiles/laughs.



A new layout for the upcoming The Last Steep Ascent. I didn't really change much...just the logo, navigation bar, and colors. I went for the earthy colors because Ascent talks about Chinese medicine lol. Yes, I kind of ran out of ideas. I hope you all like it. I always try to keep it simple and easy on the eyes.

Now back to Moses. He's currently working on his new book, which is also going to be about local coffee shops in Hong Kong. I guess it's kind of a "My Coffee Guide" part 2. He's now going around town interviewing coffee shop owners...and the most shocking thing is he's doing this without a hat. Hahaha! But maybe he'll still wear one for functions since it's still very short. Hope he'll have a function soon. It's been a while.

Most of you probably read or heard that he was going to film an Amy Wong drama, 《巨輪》, in September with Linda, Ruco, and Kristal, but no longer is. A huge disappointment because this is the second time he's withdrew from a drama that has Linda. Hmmm, it's as if he's purposely avoiding her lol. Of course that's not true. Argh, I guess it's just not meant to be. But seriously, if they were supposed to pair up like in House of Harmony and Vengeance, then I'm gonna have to punch something for real rofl. Many are still wondering why he's not filming 《巨輪》, according to "East Week" he will film a drama in November so my guess is this one in November is "better" for him. There's currently no further information on who's the producer, what's the story, and who else will be filming so we can't really judge. I just hope it's a modern drama. We already have a pre-modern drama, Ascent, and an ancient drama, War and Beauty II. Genre-wise, anything but comedy haha. Moses should stay away from comedies for a while...for a long while. Please let there be news soon.

Omg, Ascent is coming!! Not sure if I'll like this drama, but it's been a few months since we've seen Mo on TV/computer screen so I'm very excited. And drama airing means promotion events, which means more Mo haha. I really have doubts on how people will accept the older woman/younger man relationship because Maggie C. is only 2 years older than Mo. I can already see complaints. Well at least I'm prepared for it lol.
Here's the TVBI trailer for those who didn't watch it: 2min 52sec
Am I the only one who finds it strange to see Mo and Aimee onscreen together here? It's especially weird because we know they're dating each other at the time of filming. Maybe it's because they're not playing a couple. Mmm, that must be it.

Until next time guys!


StarHub TVB Awards 2012

At this year's "StarHub TVB Awards," Moses wins:
My Favourite TVB Male TV Character (for Sung Yi Long in When Heaven Burns)
My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple (with Linda Chung in Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!)

and When Heaven Burns wins:
My Favourite TVB Drama

Source: Sing Tao Daily, mingpao, xinmsn

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StarHub's Channel: BTS Interview, Red Carpet, Cocktail Reception
Canal de josiebubu

Congrats Moses! I'm so happy that he's still winning awards for When Heaven Burns. And congrats to the cast and crew of When Heaven Burns!
Woot, Moses and Linda!! Love these two on and off screen. To me they're like one of those pairings that you really really love, but feel ok if they're not together in reality lol I don't know if you guys understand what I mean. It's probably 'cause of the age gap that I don't want them to be really together, but they're still so cute together with amazing chemistry. It was so sweet of her to publicly say that he's kind of her lucky star. D'awww!! They'll be filming an Amy Wong drama soon. Honestly, I want them to be paired up...I seriously can't get enough of these two. I said this once before, they can be paired up again and again and I think I'll never get tired of it. However, they'll probably get bored of each other haha!
I really want to see Moses and Kenny perform 《年少無知》. One news article said they received a lot of love during the performance. Maybe there will be some videos after the show airs on 8/25.
Finally, his clothes. I'm just happy that he's wearing something new. Well the vest jacket thingymabob is new haha!! So I'm happy rofl. After a while you learn not to expect too much from this guy lololol.


Savour Life • Coffee Time

Moses attends the unveiling ceremony for the Coffee Festival at Fashion Walk.

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HK Headline

I missed his smile with the teeth!! He looks so much happier when he smiles that way. I miss his hair as well. Hopefully he'll be hat free for the StarHub Awards. If not then...hopefully by the end of August. Why must he wear a hat even when hanging out?! Lol.
I haven't seen him wear a watch in the longest time. Just the addition of that one accessory and he's a whole lot sexier. It brings out his sexy big hands hahaha!!
I hope his coffee shop dream comes true soon, but he shouldn't rush it.


Pompei Charity Fund Ltd.

Moses attends Pompei's charity event.

Source: Sing Tao Daily, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, on.cc, mingpao, Headline Daily, Metro Daily, wenweipo


And here I present to you the boss of awkward smiles hahaha!!! I really wonder what's with that smile. Are you bored? Are you unhappy? Or are you just feeling too hot wearing that hat? Haha! Who knows.
So Moses got himself a tan. I wonder what he's been up to. Working on his new book? And he also got himself a new hat. Cowboy style! From the sides we can see he has hair!! I wonder how the top part of his head is doing lol.