Grizzly Gulch Kick-off Ceremony

Moses attends the kick-off ceremony for Hong Kong Disneyland's Grizzly Gulch at MegaBox.

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Omg, the kids are so cute haha! It's so nice seeing Moses interact with children. That's exactly why I need to watch a series where he plays a dad...single, married, whatever. And I mean a good dad; not the way he was in Healing Hands.
I love seeing his big smile with the teeth...the not awkward one hahaha.


JOYCE by Romeo Gigli

Moses attends the cocktail party for the launch of the Autumn/Winter collection, "JOYCE by Romeo Gigli," at Joyce Boutique.

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I love it when he's given clothes to wear! He looks so good in this...maybe he should wear something from this collection at this year's TVB Anniversary events.
I'm looking at his hair and I think it's either growing very slowly or he's been shaving again. Hopefully by the end of August he has hair lol buzz cut please!


TVB X StarHub

Moses and Selena Li in Singapore to promote TVB and StarHub.

Moses recently finished filming War and Beauty II. He will later do more advertisements/commercials and work on his new coffee book and coffee shop. He will film a new TV drama after 2-3 months.

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MC Hall Singapore
Sunsilk Academy Fantasia (7/20)
StarHub Dinner and Dance 2012: 不是什么牛奶都叫特仑苏de, 鬼种小智


Moses, how is it possible that you wear the same shirt 2 days in a row??? Hahaha! Do you have 3 of the same shirt??
The "zaobao" article is really good...take a look at it when you guys get a chance. A lot of it is about him and Aimee so definitely read it if you ship the two hehe.
Now that we know that War and Beauty II is finally over can we have his hair back please!! I think it will take the whole 3 months for it to grow a decent length. Mo and his slow hair :tear:
A new coffee book! I wonder what it'll be about. Excited to learn more about it. I hope this new coffee shop will be a success. If it's in Hong Kong, he'll have more time to work on it.
Mo should really take this time off from filming to work on his Mandarin...haha! I just love seeing his big laugh. It can get a bit weird since his smile is just so huge and his laugh is booming, but it's seriously very cute and genuine. Check out the "xinmsn" article too 'cause it's kinda more detailed than the video. The link can be found under the picture source.


TVB 45th Anniversary Artistes Group Picture

Moses attends TVB 45th Anniversary artistes group picture event.

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OMG!! Did he shave his head again?! Take off your hat and lemme see!! Lol. It can't be that he just shaved the sides, unless he's trying to go for something funky haha. Whatever it is he needs to have hair now.
I like his white shirt, blue pants, and white dress shoes combo...the hat seems out of place, but what the heck it's pretty hehe.


Tesla X World Class Waterfront Living X Providence Peak

Moses attends Tesla X World Class Waterfront Living X Providence Peak's promotion event.

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Moses forever recycling his outfits haha. Oh wells, I'm just so happy he got his weight back. If only he could get a bit more meat on his face, but I guess it doesn't work that way when you age lol. How does he get so light skinned so fast? I swear just a few days ago he was much darker. Lighting? Make up? Forever pale I guess hahaha.

"Rockestra" Paul Wong Live in Hong Kong (Day 2)

The second show of Paul Wong's "Rockestra" at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Moses and Kenny Wong were guest performers. Bowie Lam showed up unexpectedly surprising Moses and Kenny. They performed the song 《年少無知》.

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Moses is still so shy... He looked a bit more comfortable when Bowie showed up. Their hug was cute awww haha.
I'm so glad he just wore a casual shirt. Chrome hearts? It's rock enough hahaha.


"Rockestra" Paul Wong Live in Hong Kong (Day 1)

The first show of Paul Wong's "Rockestra" at the Hong Kong Coliseum.
Moses and Kenny Wong were guest performers. They performed the song 《年少無知》.

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Moses with his hand gestures hahaha! Oh, what to do with this guy?
I think he sang really well. He and Kenny were a bit stiff, but I bet it's just the nerves... They'll probably do even better tomorrow.
Moses looks well fed rofl. Pudgy face is back!! And the booty is back!! He's probably wobbling already hehe. But that jacket...he needs new clothes!