I just wanted everyone to know that I created a Tumblr account for Master of Play GIFs and screencaps. It's so much easier to post GIFs there.

Yes, I just love the show already hahaha. I find Moses very attractive in this one. I absolutely love the hairstyle and the facial hair. He had facial hair in When Heaven Burns, but the beard was fake and you could see the glue a lot of times... Glue on face is not the sexiest thing lol. His hair is all puffy in this one...it looks like a cloud--I kinda just wanna run my fingers through it. I also really like his wardrobe. I don't know how to explain it, but the style suits him very well. Like it kinda makes him more masculine... But then he kinda ruins it with the way he walks. I noticed in episode 2 when he was walking around his apartment. Maybe it's his big butt that makes him wobble like that hahaha!!! Awww, cute. Let's not forget his eyes... The way they kinda twinkle lol and then the evil glare--that side glaring thing he does is amazing. Most importantly, let's talk about his personality. So far we see that he's a very loving boyfriend and brother. We've seen him paired with Maggie twice already, but I'm pleased to say they make a really cute couple here. The banters between the two--I love the way he teases her! The hand jokes are my favorite heee. And him with Aimee...ehhh, can they be incestuous, please? Seriously, the sexual tension between the two omigod!!! I get butterflies watching the way she looks at him lmao. On a more serious note, his killer side, with his focused & calm demeanor--mmm, s-e-x-y. Definitely looking forward to more of those.

So far, the story is pretty good. Some say it's hard to get...ehhh, not really lol. You just have to listen, watch, and pay attention. This definitely isn't one of those shows you'd get after missing a scene. And it's really not that scary. Maybe just for little kids. Parents should cover their children's eyes during the murder & violent scenes haha. Everything else is actually very touching and bittersweet. I went "awww!" a lot of times already haha. But I have to admit, the background music during "creepy" scenes does give me goosebumps. The amazing background music! Can we have an OST for this?! And the very freakin' creative sand art + narrative at the end of each episode. OMG, WOW! I need to own this when it comes out on DVD!! Like a box set thingymabob.

Thank you, Chik & Yuk-Ming for doing this. Thank you, for casting Mo. I know it's still too early to say that I love it and all, but I can't help it. I hope the upcoming 28 episodes don't disappoint and I especially hope the ending isn't lame lol.

So for now check out Tumblr for Master of Play GIFs and screencaps: http://masterofplay.tumblr.com/


"Master of Play" - 「摘下神秘面『沙』」

Moses attends Master of Play's second promotion event.

Source: singpao, Oriental Daily, wenweipo, Hong Kong China News Agency, on.cc, Headline Daily, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily, takungpao

We'll be able to watch it in about 12 hrs!!!
Moses is totally the king of awkward smiles hahaha. I will never understand it.


"Master of Play" - 「揭開正邪對戰序幕」

Moses attends Master of Play's first promotion event.

Source: Appledaily, Sing Tao Daily, mingpao, Oriental Daily, on.cc, Headline Daily


I haven't posted in so long... I decided to freshen up the blog with a new color scheme. I hope it's not too hard on the eyes.
I'm extremely excited for Master of Play! Now if only Moses has hair hahaha. Although he rarely has nice hairstyles, I think I'd prefer those over bald Mo with silly hats and wigs any day. However, I am happy to see that he's wearing new clothes. Yes!! And are those pecs I see?! Moses, your shirt needs to be a bit tighter haha.
Just 4-5 more days till the premiere of Master!!!! I'm prepared to make screencaps lol.