The Link Chinese New Year Spring Gathering

Moses attends The Link's Chinese New Year celebration.

Source: Appledaily, mingpao, on.cc, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily

What happened to his cool hairstyle from last week? And it looks like someone gained weight again lol.
2-3 more weeks until War and Beauty II costume fitting??? Aw man, such a long wait. I hope he shaves his head for that day. I miss seeing him bald!! Hopefully he'll look just as good as I remember.
I'm surprised he doesn't know his role yet. I kinda want him to play a guard, soldier, or general. He was so manly in the first installment!

"4 In Love" - 『戀愛夢成真』

Moses attends 4 In Love's second promotion event.

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Why is he always wearing that shirt?!! Lol...
Did you guys see the theme video yet? The song is not bad...the beat is quite catchy hahaha.
I just finished the 1st episode and I like it. Moses' character isn't goofy...so far, which is a good thing. Please don't be goofy!!!!!



Moses attends Tsuen Wan Plaza's Chinese New Year countdown party.

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MC Hall - M Channel
pochaccochu's YouTube

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Moses looks way more energetic in videos hehe looking good and happy.


"4 In Love" - 『濃情賀新歲』

Moses attends 4 In Love's first promotion event.

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Black and white is definitely his color. I love his sneakers!!
Not sure how I feel about 4, but I need some more Moses so bring it on.


Standard Chartered X Harbour City - Chocolate Trail 2012

Moses attends Standard Chartered X Harbour City's Chocolate Trail event.

Source: Sing Tao Daily, wenweipo, Oriental Daily, on.cc, Appledaily, Headline Daily, mingpao

I don't like the grey dress shirt and the grey shoes hahaha. He should also stop losing weight now. Anymore and he won't look healthy. Stop being so awesome at losing weight!! Lol
Moses is so good with little kids!! He should really start making some of his own now keke ;)


Ferrari & Maserati Showroom

Moses attends the grand opening ceremony for a Ferrari & Maserati flagship showroom and introduces the new Ferrari 458 Spider.

Source: on.cc, wenweipo, Metro Daily, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, mingpao

HK Headline

I love his love for white cars!! He should totally get this car and sell his black Porsche hahaha. This car is way sexier.
Why does he look different everyday? Different in a good way though lol. I love his skull scarf!!! I wonder what happened to that skull ring of his...he hasn't worn it in a while.