Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2012

Moses wins "Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2012: Television Actor"
When Heaven Burns wins "Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2012: Television Drama"
《年少無知》 wins "Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2012: 年度搜尋人氣歌曲"

Below is the official winner list:

Source: Yahoo!

Congrats Moses, When Heaven Burns, Paul Wong!!

Finally the official list! Bummer that the awards presentation for this was on the same day as TVB's awards presentation. It would've been sooo awesome to see Mo and Charmaine come together again for When Heaven Burns. This is probably the last award he'll win for When Heaven Burns. Extremely happy for and proud of him this year. Hopefully, War and Beauty II will bring him even more awards.

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  1. Super happy for Mo! A great way to end 2012 with all these wins! Bravo Mo! :))