TVB Weekly 2012 最強人氣品牌大獎

Moses wins 最強人氣廣告天王 (Advertisement King).

Source: HK Headline, wenweipo, on.cc, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, Sky Post, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily, Metro Daily


Congrats Moses!!

This is his 3rd time winning this award. His beautiful smile is beautiful here. All these pictures!! Hehehe. Giddy. And to top it off, Linda was there. I ship these two so hard. I love how he was sitting so close to her. Please let them play a couple again!
Really liking the hairstyle...it goes with his head very well haha.

Voting for TVB Anniversary Awards officially started. Please vote for Mo if you have a Hong Kong Identity Card. Get your grandparents, parents, siblings, other half, aunties, uncles, cousins, babies, nieces, nephews, godparents, god-siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc. in on the fun too. Thank you!


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