TVB 45th Anniversary Awards 全民投票 Press Conference

Moses attends TVB 45th Anniversary Awards 全民投票 press conference.

Source: Oriental Daily, on.cc, Sing Tao Daily, Appleadaily, The Sun, mingpao, singpao

His clothes here!! I love his coat, but the pocket is sticking out when you look at the close-up. It's as if he cut his coat haha. And his beanie is so cute...almost too small for his big head hahaha!
News reports said he was late to the event because he was filming the new drama. At the event they did a vote for "Most Want to Kiss Lead." Myolie won, but Mo got the most votes out of the guys (Roger, Wayne, and Raymond W.). Lol, nice nice.
I seriously don't get how the voting goes for this year's awards. Voting starts on 12/10.


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