TVB 45th Anniversary Awards Presentation

Moses attends TVB's 45th Anniversary Awards Presentation.

Source: on.cc, mingpao, The Sun, Sing Tao Daily, Oriental Daily, Appledaily, Headline Daily

More pictures:
Sina - Red Carpet
Sina - Opening
Sina - When Heaven Burns Wins
Sina - Fans

Congrats When Heaven Burns!!

The only thing I wanted this time around. Extremely happy for them!
Seeing Mo's smile on the red carpet... Omg, such a big a$$ smile hahaha! So adorable yet scary at the same time.
He was wearing enough layers for the both of them lol. Not complaining though, he looks huggable once again. Look how much bigger he is than her. I don't remember where I was going with that comment. I like how she's on stage with the When Heaven Burns team...but actually with her there it becomes the Master of Play team hahaha. Awww, I don't want Chik to leave. He and Mo are so good together. Lol.

Skimmed through it. Love that he was smiling and laughing a lot. His eyes were all big and stuff. Found it a bit funny that in that mash-up clip they showed for "Best Drama," Mo had a lot of shots from When Heaven Burns and Master of Play and none from The Last Steep Ascent. Ah, good one there TVB.


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