Astro On Demand Awards 2012

Moses at "Astro On Demand Awards 2012" on 12/2 and the celebration event on 12/3.
He wins "Top Fifteen My Favorite TV Character" for Ivan Cheung in Master of Play.

Source: on.cc, Oriental Daily, The Sun, sinchew-i

Source: on.cc, Appledaily, Headline Daily

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I hate stacking these pics!! Can't they all be the same shape?! Sorry, random hahaha.

Congrats Moses!
Looking at his clothes, I actually like what he wore at the celebration more. His hair is actually not that bad. It's like Miu Tin's, but with a modern twist. But seriously though, he needs more suits/tuxes.

Finally watched the live chat! Haha Moses was so noisy and hyper! Guess he's very into video chatting hahaha! What a dork lol.


  1. Mo was actually very tired when he first arrived. But he looked better in the evening ahter some rest in the hotel. Maybe that's why still so hyper despite it being fairly late......haha....^^

    1. Awww, poor baby. He did look really tired in the airport picture. Maybe he's more of a night person too hehe