Asian Television Awards 2012

Moses was in Singapore for the 17th Asian Television Awards.
He wins "Best Actor in a Leading Role" for Angus Song in When Heaven Burns.

Source: Straits Times, AsiaOne.com, xinmsn, omy

Source: Appledaily, mingpao, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, on.cc, The Sun


Congrats Moses!!

I'll never get tired of seeing him win an award for this role. But oh man, in the video he looks so tired. His eyes are so red. Sigh, filming and flying are not a good mix. Let the man get some sleep! But then again he was kinda on vacation for about a month? See, he was away for so long at times that I can't even keep track haha. Anyhoo, his English during the acceptance speech...I still can't bring myself to watch the whole clip lol. He was probably nervous. Even his Mandarin during the interview was incoherent. His Mandarin isn't perfect, but at least in previous interviews he made sense. I think his brain was just too tired. Poor thing.

I'm always so fascinated when he sprays the champagne. Wonder if he does it at home haha.


  1. Very very very happy that Mo won the award! My son and I are huge fans of WHB, having watched it many times. Despite being tired, Mo was extremely chirpy and super adorable when we saw him at the airport. ^^ Lots of cute expressions and poses. Haha.....;P

    1. He never fails to be adorable hehe!! But there are times when he has that awkward smile on his face and you can't tell if he's sad or something not good :( Makes me worried lol.

  2. Haha....Mare....you sound kinda motherly....^^

    1. Hehe!! But in actuality he's almost old enough to be my dad... I can probably call him uncle hahaha!! It's just that he's too nice and sweet that I feel the need to protect him :P