TVB Sales Presentation 2013

Moses attends TVB Sales Presentation 2013.

Source: on.cc, Headline Daily, Oriental Daily, Metro Daily, Appledaily, wenweipo, takungpao, mingpao, Sing Tao Daily, The Sun

What are your thoughts on his wardrobe?
The fact that he's not wearing a hat makes me happy. New clothes also makes me happy hahaha. All the layers make him look all warm and cuddly. Lemme squeeze in there and steal a hug!! Lol.
Saw some pictures of 《傳愛事務所》 sales presentation. Why does it look like Moses will be funny in it? Must not think too much about it... I'm just going to focus on how good he looked last night. I need more pictures!!


  1. he looks better with more weight (but not too much lol)... i think i like his hair like this, its more fresh and makes him look slightly younger

    1. For some reason now when he gains weight a lot of it goes to his belly haha. So when he does gain weight he might look fat fat. Lol do I even make sense? He definitely looks younger with this hair. I hope he doesn't change it for the new drama.