TVB 45th Anniversary Extravaganza Show

Moses attends TVB's 45th Anniversary celebration.

Source: on.cc, mingpao, Appledaily, singpao, Oriental Daily, Sing Tao Daily, The Sun

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Mo姐 and the giant baby are back!! Hahaha!! Seeing Mo dressed up as a woman again, I seriously believe he has the ability to play a gay man in a drama. His facial expressions are spot on and his hand gestures...but I don't think he was pretending with the hand gestures lol his gestures are always like that. The desk chair game was a bit dangerous with him "sitting" on Aimee. Roflmao, his face when pushed. I love how Aimee kinda wanted him to get up and he was just sitting there and then very gentlemanly, he spun the chair around so she won't expose herself. That was very thoughtful of him, but I bet throughout the night he was thinking: "Aimee, your dress is too damn short!" Hahaha. Giant baby is always cute! This time without the facial hair. Oh man, Aimee cracks me up so bad. Her very raw reactions. She takes care of him well. It was so awesome how he dodged the cake. Mo is very good at dodging when he wants to haha. Overall, an enjoyable show for Mo fans.


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