"The Last Steep Ascent" Celebration

Moses attends The Last Steep Ascent's celebration dinner held by Norman Leung.

Source: Headline Daily, Yahoo! China, wenweipo, Appledaily, Oriental Daily, on.cc, The Sun, Sing Tao Daily, mingpao

Source: ACN

Can someone tell me what's with his hair? Is he trying to copy Aimee's. No no no...no. Hahaha!! It can look good, but for some reason it's not working. And especially 'cause a few strands got out of place lol. This better not be for the new drama!! But maybe there's a way to fix it if he grows his hair out even more. Hmmm, doubt it, slow hair haha! Love you still, Momo!

Ok, looking at the new pictures and watching the entertainment news coverage I think this hairstyle can work. Maybe just fix the strands in the front...put some product on it to get it back in place. His hair got all messy when he was playing with Kenny. They're my favorite Mo bromance!! ...But what's with his sideburns? Lol.

Moses said he hopes When Heaven Burns wins "Best Series." Oh, I want this to happen.

Watch the videos! I just can't get enough of his smile and laugh.


  1. Haha...quite a drastic change from his KL hairstyle. ~~
    Btw, watch out for Mo's Xmas greetings video clip. He was being his goofy self in it. :P

    1. It's too much in too little time!!! :O But I'll give it a chance. Will wait a few more days to see how it looks hehe.
      You mean the one by MC Hall Singapore? Watched it!! Loved it!!

  2. My son was trying very hard not to laugh when he was filming it....Who can resist when Mo is being so adorable? :D

    1. Haha! I loved when Mo said, "你媽咪上鏡."