Fortune Malls - "Cars" Launch Ceremony

Moses attends Fortune Malls' Cars launch ceremony.
In addition to performing, he presented the awards for their "Dream Car Art Jamming Oil Painting Competition."

Source: Appledaily, on.cc, singpao, Oriental Daily, Headline Daily, mingpao

More pictures:
置富Malls呈現《反斗車王發動禮》 | Facebook

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Oh man, it's been so long since I've posted about a function/event. It's so good to see him back! Now we can finally talk about his appearance again lol. Is that a new hat? It's nice, but I still don't want him wearing hats when his hair is ok the way it is. So what if he has some extreme receding hairline thing going on hahaha. I find his fivehead very attractive and his small patch of hair way cute roflmao. Is it just me or does he look tired. It's his eyes. Maybe he's jet lagged. Try to get more sleep!
I really like the mingpao video. It's so nice to see him smile/laugh like that. There's also this little kid that Mo interacted with a few times. Ah, I just love seeing him with children.

TVB extravaganza show/gala is tonight (HKT)!! Excited, yet extremely worried about this and that.

After reading the news, sounds like the HK coffee shop might really happen next year. In a recent tabloid article, Mo said he'll film less dramas to get his coffee shop up and runnin', but I'm still not sure if that article is legit lol. As long as he's happy and doing what he loves, it's all good.


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