Before I go to bed, I want to write a quick entry. I'm currently going through withdrawal lol. Why must he disappear after showing up all good lookin' and stuff?! Well actually he's been coming and going (more going) recently and sigh, so bored haha. But I guess I do love it when he shows up once in a blue moon and flashes his beautiful smile. And his nice new haircut. Yea, I know he doesn't have much hair, but they did what they could and it looks freakin' good enough rofl. So now that he's not really doing as much functions the only pictures we get of him are of him and Aimee dating. Not complaining here hehe. Love seeing how happy they are together. Mo wearing the goofiest smile on his face and holding a woman's purse on his lap as if it's normal. That's priceless!! They're probably somewhere enjoying their time together before the work starts coming in. Extravaganza show/gala coming soon! I'm actually kinda excited...it may be because last year's wasn't that bad haha. I'm okay with anything as long as it doesn't get messy and noisy. A lot of award shows coming up as well. There's still 6 more days to vote for Mo for the Astro On Demand Awards 2012. Malaysian Mo fans, please continue to support and love him!! Thank you!! I would like to see him at the awards this year 'cause that means more dressed up Mo lololol. We definitely need more of that. For the TVB awards...um, still not too sure about that. Not trying to be a party pooper, but chances are very very very slim. As much as we want him to win and as much as he deserves to win...please finish this sentence for me. Sigh. But "oh my Moses," if he wins (anything), I'll cry :tear:. Ok, let's not get all emotional yet hehe. I just hope reporters, critics, journalist don't gas him up too much. He doesn't need that pressure! But it is a good boost of confidence. Thank you for that. And and and!! Mo is nominated for "Best Actor in a Leading Role" in the Asian Television Awards 2012. I'm jumping off walls!! And even more ecstatic because it's for his role in When Heaven Burns. Yes! No matter the result I'm just happy that he's recognized for that role. Blood, sweat, and tears man, blood, sweat, and tears. Even if it was just fake blood roflmao. My brain is fried. Talk to you guys soon! Mo has a function on the 18th, but maybe/hopefully we'll "see" him before then.


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