Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards 2011-2012

Moses wins 「品牌代言人」 award (for Netvigator) at "Yahoo! Emotive Brand Awards 2011-2012."

Source: Appledaily, Headline Daily, Oriental Daily, mingpao, on.cc, The Sun


Congratulations Moses!
Omg, he's already making so much money...how much more do you need?! Probably a lot more if he's planning on having a huge successful coffee business...
Looks like Moses gained some weight. Hmmm, not bad, but I hope it doesn't all go to his belly hahaha!
Did you all get the news? Moses will be filming a Tsui Ching Hong (producer of War of the Genders, To Catch The Uncatchable) drama in November with Wayne. This needs its own entry.


  1. i wonder who the female leads will be? i'm upset its going to be based mainly on inheritance cases....uh heart of greed much?? i want moses to do something serious not over-the-top dramatic like HOG and MR. this producer is known for his comedy dramas so it would have been nice if it was that although i actually don't like moses's silly roles....lol sounds like i'm not happy either way

    1. I think the female lead is my main focus at the moment. Who could it be?! I know what you mean...having a series about fighting over one inheritance is hard enough, but now a series with multiple inheritance cases. Oh Lordie!! Lololol!! I just need him to be serious in a drama whatever the drama is about. I too am only familiar with producer Tsui's comedy dramas haha so I guess we can say this drama will be something to look forward to. No silly roles for Mo ev-er!!! HAHAHAHA!!