Next Healthy Fest - Healthy Star Award 2012

Moses wins a Top Ten Next [Magazine] Healthy Star award at Next Healthy Fest 2012.

Source: singpao, Appledaily, Metro Daily, Headline Daily, mingpao

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MC Hall's YouTube Channel
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Congratulations Moses!
MC Hall said this is his sixth time winning this award. Wow! I hope he continues to win it 'cause that means that he's healthy every year hehe.
I like his weight now, but I feel he needs broader shoulders hahaha. It looks like he needs to trim his hair or maybe use some product. I wonder how's it going on the top of his head.
Why must they put Moses and Linda together?! Why must they tease us like this?! Why do they always act so sweet together?! Argh, I just love these two together! Lol.


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