Fan and Kam

Moses does an interview with Plato Lai and Shermaine Wong on Fan and Kam.

Watch here: Oden奧登52's Sina

Mo fans should definitely watch this interview.
I absolutely love it when he talks about his childhood/teenage years and his love life. Here he talked about his childhood/teenage love life so you can imagine how giddy I was.
Sometimes I forget how old he really is and here he went on talking about discos, house parties, and rave parties and so I was like, "Wow, you're kinda old," and especially when he showed us the dance moves. Hahaha!! Omm, I totally lmao.
I also loved it when Plato told him to show us how he asked girls out and what he did is too funny. His eyes and dorky smile and with the background music lololol. I totally died watching that part.
Moses is just too silly. He should really do more of these interviews.


  1. Mo is soooooo ADORABLE!!! Simply IRRESISTIBLE!!!^^

    1. Love love love this interview!! I just love learning new things about him hehe.