So you guys probably heard or read a lot about the Tsui Ching Hong drama that Mo will be filming in November. To keep it short and simple, what we know so far is there's Wayne, there will be 30 episodes, it'll be about lawyers, and cases will revolve around inheritances. ...Drama, drama, drama lol. So far what I look forward to is Mo working with a different producer and Mo being a lawyer. Please let him be a lawyer!! And hopefully he's not a part of one of the families that have inheritance issues...why do I see something like this happening? Haha. And hopefully with the word, "heavy," used to describe this drama, we don't get any silliness from him. That's all I ask of his character. There's also that question that everyone's asking, who's the female lead? If Mo and Wayne are leading, I'm gonna take a guess and say there will probably be two female leads. Let's not have one and create a love triangle, please. Hmmm, but maybe if the female lead is old enough (mid 30's to early 40's) I won't mind as much. Hahaha! Weird, I know. I need me an older actress in this!! I heard Anne Heung is coming back to film dramas...not sure where and when, but a big part of me wants her to be in this. I really want Mo to pair up with someone he hasn't worked with before or hasn't worked with in a long time. Marianne, Flora, Melissa, Jessica, Cutie. Yes, I have many requests hehe. Dreams...


I almost forgot. I'm happy that Mo's filming in November because that way his hair gets to grow out a bit more. Gah, his hair grows too slow! Lol.


  1. no anne heung please!!!! i really hope its jessica although highly unlikely just cuz they never collaborated before....

    1. Anne isn't one of my faves, but I don't hate her lol. I really want him to pair with someone older. Jessica!! Will they ever get to film together?! :(