StarHub TVB Awards 2012

At this year's "StarHub TVB Awards," Moses wins:
My Favourite TVB Male TV Character (for Sung Yi Long in When Heaven Burns)
My Favourite TVB On Screen Couple (with Linda Chung in Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir!)

and When Heaven Burns wins:
My Favourite TVB Drama

Source: Sing Tao Daily, mingpao, xinmsn

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Congrats Moses! I'm so happy that he's still winning awards for When Heaven Burns. And congrats to the cast and crew of When Heaven Burns!
Woot, Moses and Linda!! Love these two on and off screen. To me they're like one of those pairings that you really really love, but feel ok if they're not together in reality lol I don't know if you guys understand what I mean. It's probably 'cause of the age gap that I don't want them to be really together, but they're still so cute together with amazing chemistry. It was so sweet of her to publicly say that he's kind of her lucky star. D'awww!! They'll be filming an Amy Wong drama soon. Honestly, I want them to be paired up...I seriously can't get enough of these two. I said this once before, they can be paired up again and again and I think I'll never get tired of it. However, they'll probably get bored of each other haha!
I really want to see Moses and Kenny perform 《年少無知》. One news article said they received a lot of love during the performance. Maybe there will be some videos after the show airs on 8/25.
Finally, his clothes. I'm just happy that he's wearing something new. Well the vest jacket thingymabob is new haha!! So I'm happy rofl. After a while you learn not to expect too much from this guy lololol.


  1. ohh my ohh my!! are linda and moses really gonna collaborate in a new series?!?! mare, do you have more info on the series and who else may be in it? mann, i really really really hope they are a couple again!!! :) hopefully, this time they are a couple that actually likes one another.. if ya know what i mean lol

    1. Yep yep! So far we know that Ruco Chan an Kristal Tin are in it. From a recent interview with producer Amy Wong, she said wants to film a drama about 2 young person facing challenges and stuff like that and one who finds a way to solve his/her problem and the other falls into a trap or something...rough translation here haha! So maybe this is the idea for the new drama, but no new updates on it yet.
      I REALLY want them to end up together, but there are a good number of fans who want fresh pairings. Bleh, I don't care for fresh when it comes to Mo and Linda!! HAHAHAHA!!!

    2. lol! the series sounds kinda boring.. but hey! if its gonna be mo and linda everything else i really don't care.. i'll watch it just to see them onscreen together!! hahah it seems like ruco and kristal are always together in the same series lately. i really need a new mo series, been really missing him onscreen, tbh i didn't even finish watching MOP haha shame on me.. :( (oops didn't know i was supposed to reply here.. lol sorry!)

    3. Ehhh, a bit...hahaha but that's pretty much just the foundation. We don't even know if he's gonna play one of the "young person." He's not really young anymore lol. Yes, I need them to be madly in love with each other from the start to end...having issues in the middle, but definitely being together in the end. We need one of those MODA series...we've been waiting too long. Oh no! You should finish MOP!! Hahaha. Mo's performance in the last few eps is a-ma-zing!!
      You can reply however you want. It's just that I find it a lot easier to follow who's talking to who if there are other comments hehe.

  2. hahah i've been waiting for you to post something about this! this got me all into MoDa again....hehe i went back and watched old videos of them together (the one where he plays the piano and she sings!!!...i tried finding the one where she feeds him fruit but couldnt find it)

    i loved that they won best onscreen couple although i didn't really think they deserved it for Yes Sir Sorry Sir, i took it as a 5 year special for Heart of Greed lol. i also liked that she said he is her lucky star cuz thats what i thought initially after HOG. i also liked how he asked the audience if they like seeing him bully her and if so he should continue bullying her lol.

    i'm excited for this new series together and i hope they'll finally get a happy ending together, although a big part of me also wants her with ruco...ahh the dilemma lol

  3. Haha! I was going to do it last night, but I spent most of last night looking for the pics and vids.
    Omg, I don't have those videos anymore. Lost them all when my laptop died :'( But forever happy memories in my head haha.

    A lot of people are also saying it's like a 5 year anniversary for 得生 and 得嫂...love it!! Yes, definitely a lucky star, but even more apparent after "Sir." Gah, they're so cute together! I don't mind if he kind of bullies her in this new drama as long as they end up together and be lovey dovey at times haha. They're both really good at being lovey dovey with their co-stars.
    I was freakin' spazzing when I watched the video of them on stage. I don't know if I heard correctly, but did Linda say she thinks Mo could receive an award for "Best Smile" as well 'cause he's cute? I was smiling like crazy thinking she said that. I need clearer audio!! Hahaha.

    Ruco can be with her in a another drama when Mo's not in it... They'll have so many more opportunities since they're both still young. Mo is getting old lol. Yes, that's my silly excuse.

    1. I just need them to really love each other in a series rather one loving the other while the other loves someone else.

      hmm, idk, i think moses and linda has more opportunities to work together than ruco does. i'm not sure about the tvb politics but i get the sense that ruco is on the different side than moses and linda but i could be wrong....i wonder who will play the guy that chooses the wrong road and becomes evil. i feel like moses already played that role in amy wong's last drama

    2. I really don't want a love triangle for them. They can have other issues, but I really don't want a love triangle.

      Oh I actually don't know whose side he's on, but I think he's liked by both sides so far haha. Was Mo evil in "The Ultimate Crime Fighter"? I feel he was seeking vengeance, but just had the wrong approach haha. He wasn't that evil...he was just a bit crazy :P As long as the story is good I really don't mind...Please let it be good!

    3. damn it!!! he quit out of this series!! no MoDa T.T

    4. So disappointed that there won't be Mo + Linda....hopefully there's something even bigger and better coming. But the wait is so nerve-wracking!! haha

  4. no MODA!!??? huhuhu. I was so hyper on it!
    Isn't this like the 2nd time we missed the chance of seeing MODA together.
    If im not wrong, he let the drama 'House of Harmony and Vengeance' go too right? And his character was supposed to be w. Linda. Sadded. So many chances,yet...

    on a lighter note,to quote from you:

    "To me they're like one of those pairings that you really really love, but feel ok if they're not together in reality lol I don't know if you guys understand what I mean. It's probably 'cause of the age gap that I don't want them to be really together, but they're still so cute together with amazing chemistry. It was so sweet of her to publicly say that he's kind of her lucky star. D'awww!!"

    This sentence is my exact sentiment too! I'm quite a huge MODA shipper onscreen and to me it's sweet enough to see them attend events together,interact and such..(though they are couple in real life). :]]

    1. Nope, no MODA anytime soon. I hope they get to work together again and I hope the sparks will be even greater than before.