My stalking knows no bounds haha.

Mo is currently on vacation... Happy that he finally gets to rest, but sad that there are lack of updates. I have this thing where I need to see his "current" face. His face obviously should not be changing, but I just need to see what it looks like now!! Rofl, I know I have major issues.

The cast and crew of War and Beauty II completed filming in Hengdian. I read that they still have to continue filming in Hong Kong. I wonder if Mo still has scenes to film...if so then the hair growing can't start yet. Argh!

From recent news, Mo and Kenny will be guest performers at Paul Wong's upcoming concert in the Hong Kong Coliseum. I don't know if Mo will be performing on both days (13th & 14th), but wow this is such an honor and an amazing opportunity. Thank you Kenny for asking Paul! I'm super excited to see how it goes. I just hope he remembers the lyrics. Please let him remember!! The man is infamous for his horrible memory hahaha. Mo will also be in Singapore on the 21st for a StarHub fan meet. Check this page out if you're in Singapore and have StarHub: http://www.starhub.com/tvbj. Times like these I wish I lived in Hong Kong, Singapore, or Malaysia hehe.

Still waiting on news on any upcoming filming work...but for now function and event pictures will do.


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