Master of Play has come to an end. Oh boy, I miss it already haha. The last two weeks were pretty freakin' amazing. So many emotions!! I was grabbing my hair when watching some scenes and crying when watching others. Mo and Maggie never fail to impress me as a couple, from Perish in the Name of Love to When Heaven Burns to Master of Play. I need them to pair up again!! Why don't they ever have a happy ending?! Hahaha. Next time if they pair up can they please play a married couple with kids? Haha. It's about time Mo plays a dad and I mean a dad from the start of the show. Oh yes, it should also be a modern drama. Mo and Aimee, why are you guys so cute together? Sometimes I wonder if I'd feel this way about the two if they weren't dating. Probably not bwahaha! But Mo does have a way to make me like his female costars... Mmm, there are only 4 that I'm still feeling "meh" about. To be real honest, I really don't know if I'd like Aimee the way I do if they weren't dating. Pretty much at this point I have a tiny girl crush on her rofl. Oh man, what to do...my current interest in her is greater than my interest in Mo. ...Ok, getting back to Master, their sibling love for each other is so sweet. Now here's the dilemma, Mo and Aimee will never play a couple onscreen as long as they're together...and of course I never want them to break up haha. They should get married and have many babies together. I'm still in shock that Mo is publicly dating. Can you imagine what it'll be like when he's finally married?! And then with kids?! Ok, getting a bit too stalker-ish now hehe. You guys really need to watch Master if you haven't! I am extremely satisfied. I think this one should hold off my Mo drama craving for about 3-4 months lol.

Mo is still filming War and Beauty II in Hengdian. They should wrap up next week. According to MC Hall, Mo is done filming his scenes! He's back in Hong Kong!! Two days ago there were photos on Weibo of Mo dressed as Hung Mo. Oh my freakin' goodness!!!! Hung Mo!! I love his Hung Mo wardrobe so much that it hurts. From the candid shots I already have an idea how this drama's gonna end. It's extremely beautiful in my head hahaha. I'm actually rooting for a sad ending. It should be similar to War and Beauty I. Only real problem I have is why does Mo have to have eyeliner? WHY?! I hope the lighting and the editing hides it well or makes it blend in well with his face keke.

Still no word on what he's up to next. Hopefully vacation for a month. Let the hair grow out!! The first time he went bald was for War and Beauty I and the following dramas he filmed were Split Second and Love Bond. The second time he went bald was for Land of Wealth and the following drama he filmed was The Ultimate Crime Fighter. He used to look good with a buzz cut. I wonder if he can still pull it off. Let it work! I really hope we get news soon...starting to get excited after thinking about the buzz cut lol.


  1. Mo tends to make me like his co-stars better than I normally do. i.e linda and yoyo but for some reason i don't really feel it for maggie tho. its funny cuz i think both maggies (cheung and sui) don't pair up well with moses...its weird, i dont even know why i feel that way.

    I enjoyed MoP alot too...the last 2 weeks were pretty good but too bad the ratings doesn't do it justice

  2. Aw, I love Maggie as a person...even when not paired with Mo haha. She just seems like a really cool chill person.

    I'm so over ratings! This isn't the first time his drama got bad ratings so I'm so over it. I'm more interested in the roles and genres he gets to do.