"Master of Play" - 「與『魔』同行」

Moses attends Master of Play's third promotion event.

Source: Hong Kong China News Agency, on.cc, Appledaily, The Sun, wenweipo, HK Headline, mingpao, Oriental Daily, takungpao, singpao

Moses looks well rested. I love his new hat!!
I hope you guys are enjoying Master. It's getting real good. Why can't they air it on weekends?! But then again that would mean it'll end faster...bleh lol. I wish TVB would share bloopers and behind-the-scenes, but I realized they didn't share much for the last two Chik dramas that aired. If you haven't guessed it already, yes, I just wanna see Mo and Aimee's interactions rofl. Honestly though, she really needs to stop looking at her brother (Mo) the way she does...awkward hahaha!! And before I forget, Aimee caught a cold so hope she feels better soon.


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