Sorry, I've been neglecting this blog again and then there's the Master of Play Tumblr. Who knew making GIFs would take so much time? Maybe it's just me--I find it so hard to concentrate hahaha. Maybe I shouldn't do it in chronological order. Argh, I'll see what I can do. Honestly though, props to the people at Tumblr who make many many beautiful GIFs lol.

So there are only 10 episodes left to Master. Omg, I can't!! I was reading the episode summaries for the coming 5 episodes and couldn't help but get teary haha. I hate using the word "EPIC," but that is exactly what it was. Fcuking EPIC! Hopefully I interpreted it correctly 'cause even the summaries are hard to understand. Don't wanna spoil it for you guys so if you want to read the short episode summaries here's the link.

Mo is currently filming War and Beauty II in Hengdian and he should be back in Hong Kong sometime in the beginning of July. What will he be doing next? I personally want him to take a break. Firstly, War is quite overwhelming and secondly, I want him to grow his hair out before he takes on another role heee. Yes, I'm still a superficial fangirl at heart rofl. What do you guys want him to film next? I want him to do a modern drama. Both 《天梯》 and War are costume dramas so a modern drama will definitely balance it out. After watching Master, I have to say I like it when he plays a lay person--an average Joe is just as sexy as a doctor or lawyer. However, no comedy at the moment! I still want more serious Mo hahaha. But you know whatever it is, when it airs I'll still watch every episode.

Oh yes, and of course updates on Mo's love life. They've been much much more open about it recently, which I love! Here's a recent video that every Mo fan (who's interested in his relationship with Aimee) should watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQFS-j_Isgk. At 14:17, Ada reveals that one female artist (Aimee) finds it very easy to love Mo. Hahaha, adorbs!! Aimee is just so straight forward and honest when she speaks. In the meantime while we wait for more gossip haha, let's enjoy the rest of Master!

Maybe I should update like this from now on. Until next time you guys!


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